How to Talk to Your Partner About Snoring Without ‘Bringing the House Down’?
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How to Talk to Your Partner About Snoring Without ‘Bringing the House Down’?

How often have you thought about having that all-important talk with your partner about snoring, but could not bring yourself to do so? 


Whether you worry about hurting your partner’s feelings or the fight that inevitably follows, one thing is for certain. Having a productive talk on the topic requires all the delicacy and subtleness of walking through a landmine. But, do not lose your heart because there are ways to tread this delicate path. 


Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects of your health. Lack of sleep can have harmful immediate as well as long-term consequences. Snoring can be damaging both to your sleep and your relationship. When you have to wake up in the middle of every night because of your partner, only to see them asleep and unaware of your pain, things can become really frustrating. 


On top of that, when you can not even express your feelings about the issue, it does not take long for anger and resentment to creep into the relationship. While some people feel that talking about this problem is useless, others procrastinate to avoid heated arguments. Since nothing comes out of avoiding the issue altogether, what you need is the right approach. Empathy, gentleness, and diplomacy will go a long way in getting your point across. 

4 Tips to Help Save Your Relationship and Sleep

Pick The Right Moment

Raising hell about your partner’s habits first thing in the morning might not be the smartest thing to do. After a sleepless night, you could be cranky, tired, and prone to anger. And if your partner has had trouble sleeping too, tempers could easily flare. 


Pick a time of the day when both you and your partner are relaxed and patient. Plan to have this talk at night when both of you are done with the day’s work. You can even wait till the weekend or an upcoming event like your birthday or Valentine’s Day if it is round the corner! Make sure that your partner is in a good mood and ready for a serious conversation on an important issue.

Do Not Blame Your Partner

Straight-up criticizing your partner for a habit that he/she might not even be aware of is the surest way to start another fight. Nobody likes criticism, no matter whether it is fair or not. Saying things like, “You’re selfish”, or “You don’t care about my sleep,” will only make your partner defensive. 


Look at it this way. Your partner does not snore and keeps you awake at night with some evil intent. They might be touchy, unaware, or even embarrassed about their snoring. You are not helping the cause any bit by confronting them and holding them responsible. Instead, try to be empathetic towards the whole situation. Remember that you love each other and are in this together. 

Show Them How They Benefit With The Talk

Most of the time, talks do not turn out well because both the partners accuse each other of selfishness while talking about their own problems! While it is understandable that the non-snorer suffers more than the snoring partner, the problem is damaging to both in the long run. Your partner is losing their sleep quality too. It is your responsibility to show them that they too can improve their sleep.


According to a survey, one in every four couples is not able to sleep together because of sleep issues like snoring. You do not have to be one of them. Tell your partner that they do not need to wake up mid-sleep or sleep in a separate room because of their snoring. Tell them that they can avoid future health consequences by dealing with the issue now. Show them that they can restore peace in the relationship, and both of you can enjoy sleeping together again.

Focus On The Solution

There is no good talking about your partner’s habits if it only makes them feel embarrassed. In fact, part of the reason why this topic is so touchy is that very few people think they can do anything about it. While you are racking your brains to find a solution to snoring with blogs like these, your partner might not even be aware that a solution exists!

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