Josh Dela Cruz's journey with Smart Nora: The pursuit of dreams, literally.
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Josh Dela Cruz's journey with Smart Nora: The pursuit of dreams, literally.

 Josh Dela Cruz is an actor, dancer, and musician. You probably know him from his iconic role as the host of Blue's Clues & You, where he plays a fictional version of himself. 

It was delightful to have Josh join us for a special customer interview session where we got to talk about Josh's experience with his Smart Nora and his amazing career.


Josh is turning 35 this year and he has realized how much snoring is impacting his life. As a morning person not being able to wake up and constantly feeling exhausted has been frustrating for him. Similar to many of our customers Josh had looked for a solution for years but everything on the market was unappealing to him. Until he read about Nora in The New York Times. Two months after having used Nora, Josh shared with us how much of a game-changer Nora has been for him and his wife. Now when he wakes up in the morning he can get out of bed with ease just like when he was in high school. "I am having my mornings back which is very lovely" Said Josh. 

We all need a good night's sleep to be able to pursue our dreams. Josh's career is a testament to the power of following one's passions and the unexpected journeys it can lead to. Transitioning from an initial interest in law to becoming a prominent figure in the performing arts, Josh's path was shaped by a pivotal moment in high school that sparked his love for performance. His dedication and talent propelled him from musical theater in college to significant roles in Broadway productions, including an original cast member of "Aladdin." Josh's most notable role as the host of "Blue's Clues & You" has made him a beloved figure, where he combines his multifaceted skills to entertain and educate young audiences.

Josh's journey underscores the importance of self-care, community support, and finding joy in the grind of pursuing professional dreams. His message is clear: taking care of oneself and nurturing relationships are crucial to sustaining the pursuit of one's dreams. Through hard work, resilience, and a focus on wellness, Josh exemplifies how dedication to one's passions can lead to fulfilling and successful careers, making him an inspiring role model for dreamers everywhere.


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