Stop Snoring. Sleep in Comfort.

Nora turns any pillow into an anti-snore pillow.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

pad under pillow

1. Place the pad under your pillow.

1. Place the pad under your pillow.

pebble turn on

2. Turn on the Pebble.

2. Turn on the Pebble.

Go to Sleep

3. Go to Sleep!

3. Go to Sleep!

No mask.
No mouthguard.
Just sleep.

gif couple sleeping

Sleep on your side, back, or stomach.
Put your head anywhere on the pillow.

multiple people with white overlay multiple people with white overlay

Powering better sleep for more than 100,000 couples

Be a lover,
not a snorer.

Consistent sleep is the foundation of a healthy, intimate relationship. Smart Nora customers report peaceful nights, better mood, and greater intimacy.

pebble on table
couple with pebble

The Science of Nora

Nora predicts snores using A.I. then creates a gentle and slow motion under the pillow.

This motion stops the snoring without waking you up.

For best results use Nora for 7-14 consecutive nights. You can customize the movement of the pillow to your desired comfort.

How Nora Works
women sleeping

Better sleep means better health

Chronic snoring and sleep deprivation increase your risk factor for health issues including: Difficulty concentrating, Fatigue and daytime sleepiness, Heart attack, High blood pressure, Stroke, and Type 2 diabetes.

Healthy sleep is key for muscle recovery.
Every extra hour of sleep boosts
libido by 14%
High-quality sleep means more attention and concentration.


We’ve improved over 36 million nights of sleep