Couple Relationship

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy relationship is the development of positive habits that leave both partners able to communicate emotional and physical intimacy. Developing a shared bedtime ritual can provide a time and place for growth and reflection -- as well as the means for better sleep and distractions from what matters most.


Cuddling with your partner just plain feels good, right? After a long day at work, taking care of the kids, and everything else life throws at you daily, sliding into your partner’s arms at bedtime can relax you and help you to drift off to sleep better.

Sleeping Positions

When you share space with a partner in bed, how do you sleep? Do you curl up together, fight for the blankets, or spread out like a starfish? Couple sleeping positions can be weird, silly, and intimate—but what are the best sleeping positions that allow you to get both cozy together and well-rested? How can you make a bed most comfortable for two to tango?