Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

Snoring can disrupt sleep for both the snorer and the partner. Sometimes the snoring is so loud that even people sleeping in other rooms of the house can be affected. Aside from the unpleasant sound it creates, it can also cause health issues and sleep deprivation if left untreated. There are many options that offer solutions for snoring. From nasal strips to surgical interventions, from mouthpieces, chin straps to nose inserts. It’s important to research and test what is the best solution for each individual snorer. Today, let’s take a closer look at Theravent anti-snore strips. In this blog, you will find out what Theravent is, how it works and Theravent reviews including pros and cons.

What is Theravent?

Snoring is typically caused when the muscles in the throat relax during sleep. This causes the airway to constrict and therefore create vibrations when the air travels through the passage.

Theravent uses EPAP technology to help prevent snoring. EPAP stands for expiratory positive airway pressure and was first designed to combat obstructive sleep apnea. Theravent is the first FDA approved over the counter strip that uses this technology today.

How Does Theravent Work?

Theravent anti-snore strips are small strips that you apply under your nose before you go to sleep. They use patented MicroValve technology to create pressure while you sleep to help stop the vibrations that cause snoring.

The lightweight adhesive strips are placed under your nose while the mesh part covers your nostrils. The strip provides a gentle pressure when you exhale during the night. This pressure stabilizes the soft tissue to help stop snoring. Theravent uses the power of your own breathing while you sleep to prevent snoring.

Theravent comes in regular strength for moderate snorers and also in MAX for heavier snorers. It is intended for nasal snorers and will not be effective for throat or mouth snorers.

The company states that it may take up to a week to get accustomed to using the strips. But if used nightly, you should gradually get used to the pressure being applied on your nose while you sleep.

The Theravent Strip Reviews: Does It Work?

Theravent reviews are a mixed bag of opinions. You need to know what type of snorer you are before purchasing the strips because it is not effective for all types. Here are some Theravent reviews from Amazon customers who have tried it.

Positive Reviews:

“Hard to get used to, but they really do work. I woke up refreshed, albeit with a dry mouth. I recorded a night without using these and a night with. What a huge difference. Zero snoring with them and extreme snoring without.” - Vegas Smitty

“OMG! Just got this and put it on at night and my snoring problem has a solution. I tried so many snoring items until this one put an end to searching for anymore. I will continue to buy this product because it really works as it says.” - Marta Nater

“I am thrilled with these strips. Tried pretty much everything before finding these. Mouthpieces were painful. Nose inserts didn't work. The first night was a little awkward, but last night (third night) I did not snore at all. Zero. I feel better this morning than I've felt in years. Wife is thrilled. I use an app to track my snoring and for the first time in a long long time there was no snoring recorded. Incredible.” - Chandler Hasemeyer


Negative Reviews:

“It restricts the airflow in and out of your nose so it takes more effort to breathe. I found that a greater effort to breath made it difficult/uncomfortable to sleep.” - Dennis

“Induces feelings of suffocation. Woke up choking on day ten, had to rip them off to breathe. Worked for a couple days.” - JP

“Theravent does create a good seal around the nostrils, but makes so much noise it's impossible to fall asleep. Sounded like Darth Vader with a whistle stuck in his grill.” - Thomas

“These do seem to work but the design needs improvement. The one piece design is not as good as having 2 separate pieces, one for each nostril. Also, it is too expensive for seniors on a fixed income. Will have to find another solution. But worth trying if you can afford them.” - Candice Cosentino

Pros and Cons of Theravent


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Less invasive than other anti-snoring solutions.
  • No prescription needed.
  • Lets you sleep in any position.


  • Only effective for nasal snorers.
  • Adjustment period of 1 week.
  • Can get costly over time - 1 new strip per night
  • Can be uncomfortable for some users.
  • Can irritate the skin.

Should You Use Theravent?

You can try using Theravent if you know that you are a nasal snorer. Chances are that Theravent will alleviate your snoring when used correctly.

The adaptation period seems to be a deterrent for some users. Take this into consideration when making your decision to give Theravent a try.

Choose the Right Snoring Solution for You

If having a cumbersome headpiece, mouthpiece, or chin strap doesn’t appeal to you, you should look into solutions that are less invasive with less contact.

Theravent nasal strips let you sleep in any position which is a determining factor for some. Assess your snoring type and your lifestyle needs to choose the right snoring solution for you or your partner.

Final thoughts about Theravent

Theravent anti-snore strips have an overall medium-score review due to the fact that they don’t work for everyone. Although Theravent is less invasive than mouthpieces or chin straps, it still has the uncomfortable disadvantage of having something attached to your face while you sleep. With this comes the chance of irritation and discomfort. In addition, Theravent anti-snore strips’ cost can add up over time because they need to be purchased regularly.

The best way to get the best night’s sleep is with minimal physical contact and disruption of precious sleep. You can consider trying Smart Nora if Theravent isn’t the right solution for you. Smart Nora offers this convenience because you don’t have to stick anything on your face or attach any device to your head. You sleep as you normally do with the device comfortably set under your favorite pillow. You fall asleep and Smart Nora goes to work. It gently lifts your head and interrupts possible snoring. It is a one-time purchase with a 1-year warranty.

Additional information - Checkout what other websites are saying about Theravent Anti-Snore Strips below.

Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

The majority of the reviews are oppossed to using Theravent. Only 17% of the ratings are 5 stars and the remaining 83% are 1-4 star ratings.


Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

38% of the reviewers experienced excellent results while the remaining 62% were not too satisfied with their results.


Top 10 Snoring Aids
Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

For some people, Theravent strips may not be comfortable at first. That’s why you should give it a week or so before you decide whether it’s working for you or not.


Snoring HQ
Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

After several nights of testing, my conclusion is that the Theravent does not work for me. I am a mouth breather and snorer (instead of nasal), and using the Theravent did not help reduce the sound of my snoring.

Top Snoring Mouthpieces
Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

Theravent’s EPAP device works. It did for me. But there are limits to its functionality. It doesn’t combat sleep apnea at all, and since it doesn’t work the moment I have a stuffy nose, I know it won’t work as well for heavy snorers.

Snoring Canada
Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

Theravent is certainly not the worst product that we have ever looked at. If it works really well and you prefer not to use some other type of stop snoring device, then yes… this could be a solid method.

Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

Sadly Theravent isn’t the best on the market, but it’s still worth giving a shot if you don’t mind EPAP devices.

You Reviews
Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

They were comfortable, but that there was a downside. The strips tickled his nose a little, and made him constantly feel as if he needed a tissue. Overall, though, he was happy with the results.

Snoring Devices Australia
Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

In the end, I was pretty impressed with this product. I understand that it might not work for everyone, but I really felt like it was a dynamic concept.

Theravent Anti-Snore Strips Review

Theravent EPAP is a good snoring aid to use after all other snoring aids have failed. It is a lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-use product.

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