The Harmful Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

Everyone has been there, 3 pm and sipping on your third cup of coffee determined to end the day with full force productivity. While you may feel alert, productive and running on endless ounces of caffeine, sleep deprivation will take a serious toll on your body. Here is a glimpse of what sleep deprivation does to your body.

An unfocused mind

During sleep, your brain sorts out the experiences throughout the day and makes new pathways for learning. Lack of sleep will therefore prevent the brain to fully function and in turn cause your inability to pay attention, learn new things, solve problems, and to make sound judgement.

Weight gain

Studies have shown that lack of sleep increases the tendency to consume more food. Lack of sleep is known to increase stress, which increases cortisol levels and results in craving for fatty, sugar-filled foods. Maybe that explains your 11 pm ice cream cravings..

Weakened immunity

Our body produces protective, infection-fighting substances called cytokines while we sleep. Therefore if we do not get enough sleep, our body will not have to ability to combat foreign substances which will result in a weak immune system.

Heart disease

Sleep deprivation can spike up your heart rate, causing an increase in blood pressure and is linked to inflammation. This can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke.

Mood Disorders

Chronic sleep insufficiency can lead to long term mood disorders that have been correlated with depression, anxiety and mental distress. Furthermore, lack of sleep in short term will make you moody, emotional and quick-tempered.

Prevents Looking Youthful

You might have brushed away the dark circles under your eyes and pale skin from lack of sleep. But continuous sleepless night will lead to more dangerous effects. The stress hormone, cortisol, when released in excess amounts can break down skin collagen, the protein that keeps your skin smooth.

Although sleep deprivation has severely damaging effects on health, the good news is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Make a conscious effort to make sleep a priority for it is never too late to change your lifestyle; and if it’s the sound of your roaring spouse that’s keeping you awake, we got your back.

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