The Ultimate Adjustable Beds Buying Guide

The Ultimate Adjustable Beds Buying Guide

best adjustable beds

The comfort of the bed we sleep on is extremely important to our sleep.Getting a good night’s sleep is a priority and you can get maximum comfort by adjusting your bed to your best possible position. Adjustable beds are quite popular and not only with grandma and grandpa or at the hospital but also in our bedroom. The luxury of being able to shape your bed into your ultimate sleep position is quite exciting. 

Adjustable beds are great for certain health issues (ex. acid reflux) and can even help alleviate snoring. Snoring instantly stops when the head is raised which help open the airway.

There are many adjustable bed frames out there and it’s important to know what your needs are before heading out to purchase yours. Read our helpful tips and buying considerations to make the best choice. Let’s take a look at the best adjustable beds on the market today. 

Best Adjustable Beds: Our Picks

Most Affordable Adjustable Bed:

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

best adjustable beds

This is one of Amazon’s top adjustable bed sellers. You know you’re getting a good product with its over 2300 reviews with a 4.2 average star rating. This adjustable bed is budget-friendly and is the most affordable one on our list.

The Classic Brands Adjustable Bed offers head and foot massage motors, wireless remotes, USB ports, and of course programmable positions. You can add the mattress of your choice to make the bed frame completely to your liking.

This is the bed for you if you are on a tight budget. You’ll get most of the great features similar to other adjustable beds and sleep better. 


  • Sleek design
  • Choose your own matress
  • Head and foot massage
  • Wireless remote
  • USB ports
  • Programmable positions
  • 3-year warranty

What Users are Saying:

“Very comfortable bed and easy to set up.” - Bower Louber

“very well made- I love it- ONE THING could use a lighted remote- can not see buttons in dark” -BRUCE D

“Great investment, no reason to spend thousands on the fancy name brands. Helps w/ pain, acid reflux, and asthma. Very happy!!” - Destin-Boater-14

Most Innovative Adjustable Bed:

Yaasa Adjustable Bed

best adjustable beds

The Yaasa adjustable bed frame is one of the most innovative adjustable beds on the market featuring a sleek and unique design. This adjustable bed comes with its own mattress but can also accommodate other mattresses.

It has the regular features of other adjustable beds like USB ports, remotes controls, and a flat preset. The bed is high off the floor and some customers appreciate the storage space it provides.


  • Free matress
  • Zero-gravity feature
  • Wireless remote
  • USB ports
  • Up to 700 lbs 
  • 10-year warranty

Best Body Hugger Adjustable Bed:

ShipShape Adjustable Bed Base

best adjustable beds

The ShipShape adjustable bed base is known to be one of the best body hugger beds available. The adjustable bed frame fits into most queen size bed frames. Great for those who still want design and versatility.

It doesn’t have the split sides and the remote control is not wireless. Some users prefer the wire as they can’t lose the remote control. The ShipShape adjustable bed also boasts an ultra-quiet motor and programmable positions. 


  • Up to 450 lbs
  • Super shapable
  • Variable height adjustable legs
  • 3-year warranty

Users are saying:

“What a nice bed! Great customer service from Leggett and Platt. I was able to put the bed together by myself - not bad for a 62 yr old out-of-shape lady. I watched the video to make sure I was doing it right, but it was really easy. Eight screws. The wrench that was included did a fine job.” - Marty C

“Oh, my, YES, YES!!!!!!!! I love it! I had really hesitated to buy this adjustable base. I really like it because I can move it if I want to, the comfort level is so awesome, I can't lose my remote, can read in bed easily. There actually is nothing that I do not like about it.

I will never be without one again. A handyman put it together. It comes with headboard attachments, but so far i haven't wanted one. I enjoy going to bed, and all the positions. “ - dana

“This is a DREAM, it took my husband all of 30 minutes to put together and I LOVE IT!!. The swelling in my legs have decreased, my doctor is thrilled about that, as I am, and the controls are easily hangable on my nightstand drawer. This is absolutely the BEST buy I have done for myself, my sleep has also improved almost overnight. Comes perfectly packaged, the delivery was awesome. If you are in need of a good night's sleep, BUY THIS!!” - Corvettedrvr

Best Quality Adjustable Bed: Lucid L300

best adjustable beds

The Lucid L300 is an excellent price/quality adjustable bed. It offers all the features of adjustable beds with separate sides and remotes for the larger sizes. This bed can support up to 750 lbs and has the zero-gravity feature.

The remote features a nifty flashlight and the bed include dual USB ports. The Lucid L300 offers 1 programmable memory setting. Customers have commented on the ease of assembly of the bed frame.


  • Up to 750 lbs
  • Wireless remote controls (with flashlights)
  • Zero-gravity preset
  • Easy assembly
  • 10-year warranty

Users are saying:

“Crazy Easy Install and Best Sleep I've Gotten.” - Jordon Polatis

“Changed My Life In 3 Ways! 1. Better Sleep 2. Greater Comfort while watching TV 3. Easier to Search The Web and Write Emails.” - hal s.

“I LOVE this Bed base. Just as stated, it was so easy to put together. Two 70-year-old females had it put together and ready to use in about 1 hour. I love the wireless remote, it's so quiet. I had been sleeping in a recliner for a year because of back pain. Not anymore, I now sleep in my adjustable bed with no more back pain. I am so delighted I bought this.” - Wixie J Skellett

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds were initially designed for hospital use. Patients could lay down in a comfortable position in order to accommodate their injuries. Today, this technology has hit homes and people are enjoying the benefits of being able to adjust their beds to any positions they wish.

Adjustable beds can help you to sleep better if you have certain conditions like arthritis, restless leg syndrome, or scoliosis. These beds also help with circulation, back pain, sleep apnea, and snoring. There are many health benefits to owning an adjustable bed. 

Most larger size adjustable beds come with a split surface so each partner can adjust their side to their desired comfort. This is great if there is one partner who snores and the other doesn’t.

Features to Consider

Most adjustable beds offer the same base features like head and lower body inclination, support at least 400 lbs, and come with a remote. 

These are some of the features to consider when shopping for your adjustable bed. Make a list of your needs and purchase the bed frame that suits your lifestyle.

  • Customizable legs
  • Some beds will offer the feature of adjusting the height of the legs. 

  • Zero Gravity 
  • This preset mimics the zero-g conditions offering instant pain and pressure relief. In this preset, the bed is shaped into an S with the legs elevated higher than the head.

  • Dual-adjustment
  • This is usually offered on the larger size frames where the bed is split in the middle to offer separate controls for each partner.

  • Timed adjustment
  • This feature lets you set a time for the bed to change positions.

  • Remote control
  • All beds come with remote controls. Some are wireless, while others are attached to the bed. 

  • Retainers
  • Some adjustable bed frames offer retainer systems in order to keep the mattress in place. These are usually bars in the corners that hug the mattress and keep it from moving. Some adjustable bed frames have internal hook-based systems and this can be a good option for those who don’t like the look of the metal bars.

  • Anti-snore preset
  • Snorers are alleviated from snoring when their heads are slightly raised. Some adjustable bed frames offer a preset that lifts the head of the snorer at a push of a button.

  • Memory Feature
  • Some beds will offer up to 4 memorized sleep positions. 

  • Massage
  • Some adjustable beds offer a massage option that creates waves that the user can adjust.

  • Lighting
  • Some beds have lights under them for safety reasons.

  • USB and A/C plugs
  • Many beds now offer charging stations.

  • Alarm
  • Ditch the loud alarm clock and be woken by gentle vibrations or waves.

  • APPS
  • Some of the latest adjustable beds feature app accessibility. The user can program settings and from common digital devices.

    Adjustable beds are more and more popular with all age groups now. It used to be that only hospitals or the elderly used these beds. Why not splurge on an adjustable bed frame knowing all the positive impacts on certain health issues they have and especially on the quality of sleep you can get from them.

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