Smart Nora, the revolutionary snoring solution recommended by Readers Digest, Daily Break and TODAY

As the sun gloriously makes its debut this spring, longer and brighter days call for busier and packed schedules. Fitness and a healthy diet are important to maintain energy throughout the day, but there is another important element often underestimated: SLEEP! Sleep is one of the easiest and effective ways to a healthier life. There are a sea of problems that hinder us from getting a good night’s sleep and luckily, Smart Nora gives the answer to the most aggravating of all.

We are excited to be featured on various media platforms and to know that we are bringing better sleep to numerous bedrooms around the world. Sleep deprived spouses and disturbed household guests can breathe a sigh of relief because according to Readers Digest, Smart Nora is one of the 13 Snoring Remedies You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet.

Sleep has become a treasured ritual and it is imperative to continue enhancing your snooze time experience. As Daily Break’s  9 Products That Will Help You Fall Asleep (and Stay Asleep) When You're Seriously Lacking Some Z's mentions that “getting enough sleep at night can be a challenge”. With the distractions from screens, gadgets and unwanted sounds, it seems as though getting good sleep has become a distant myth rather than an attainable reality.

However, technology is not always detrimental to your sleep. If you choose the right ones for you then a good night’s sleep will definitely be within your reach. Find us on CTV’s Five must-have gadgets for getting the best sleep ever and on TODAY’s 11 gadgets that will help you get a better night's sleep along with some other sleep-friendly gadgets that promise to better your sleep.

With spring in the air and technically more hours in the day, rest well and get ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

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