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Sleep. We all know we should be getting more of it but it’s not easy especially if you or your partner is a snorer. Snoring is the result of airways collapsing as the upper throat muscles relax during sleep. When you breathe at night, the walls of the throat begin to vibrate as you inhale and exhale. As the airways narrow, the greater the vibration and the snoring becomes. 
If you’ve tried to tackle snoring with different snoring solutions, you’ll know that some solutions are more comfortable than others. From nose strips that leave your skin irritated, to mouthpieces or chin straps that hurt your jaws, some are more practical than others. Finally, depending on the causes of your snoring some are more effective than others and many are a bit too invasive. 
Designed with these pain-points in mind, Smart Nora is the contact-free snoring solution that has already helped thousands of people wake up energized.
Smart Nora uses an ingenious method to stimulate the throat muscles to keep the airways open during sleep. When the pebble detects snoring, the pillow insert gently inflates and lifts your head, stimulating the throat muscles of the snorer, without waking them. "It's the best snoring solution we've seen!" says Daily Record's Prentiss Gray in his review. Leslie, Prentiss' wife says that she's excited she no longer needs to choose between getting a good night's sleep and waking up with her husband, "it's a really nice thing!". 
Smart Nora is a safe bet with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee and a free return shipping. 


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