Snoring Deniers & Detectives, Part 2

Snoring Deniers & Detectives, Part 2

What are we going to make for dinner? Who’s going to pick the kids up from work?  Who’s taking care of the monthly mortgage payments? Who’s getting the car fixed? Who’s friends are we seeing this weekend? These are just some of the daily questions that couples need to negotiate between one another on a regular basis. It’s a delicate balance between practical realities, habits and personal preferences! Add to these negotiations of personal schedules is the most personal of all: Sleep. If one or or both of you are snorers and light sleepers, then sleep becomes a negotiation every night.
In part 1 of our Snoring Deniers and Detectives, we shared a story from Smart Nora customer who didn’t realize the extent of their snoring and how much it was keeping up their partner up at night. Twitter and Instagram is full of partners sharing their sleep struggles, who tweet out for help in the wee hours of the morning or during the next day, while they try to stay awake during that meeting at work!
But, if the snoring partners continue to deny that there is an issue, that’s when partners are forced to get creative! Desperate to find definitive proof of snoring, part 2 of our Snoring Deniers and Detectives, we hear from the partners who are attempting to document the night symphonies being conducted in their bedrooms. With this undeniable evidence, the snorers have no choice but to fess up. Here’s some loving partners that moonlight as snore detectives:
Jami, a recent friend of Smart Nora related this experience to us about her and her boyfriend's sleep struggles. For them, using Smart Nora has helped them finally get to sleep!

My boyfriend kept telling I snored like a freight train, I told him " I don't snore!". He calls my mom and sure enough she said I did, just like my dad. So, my mission began to find anything that would make it stop, and to get him off the couch. Then along came Nora, my life saver.. No more snoring, no more getting kicked every 10 minutes and finally no more boyfriend on the couch. I sleep so much better and another bonus no more stiff neck.
Now the funny thing about all this snoring stuff, is he snores louder them me, and starts like clockwork at 5:30am. So, being the good girlfriend, that I am, I stick Nora in his pillow, and go back to sleeep.. I love you Nora....thanks 😴😴😴😴

  • Yeager4120 posted this video on youtube of her snoring husband. Despite the fact that she’s talking throughout the video, her husband’s sleep goes undisturbed. By the end of the video, Yeager4120 is asking earplug companies to “hook a girl up! 
  • Ben Hannon caught this video of his wife asleep on the couch, “My beautiful wife snoring”. He may be struggling to find sleep at night, but at least he still compliments his wife in the title!
  • Timblewee posted a video on youtube simply entitled  “I don’t snore!!!” with the description, “This man denies that he snores”.
  • Georgefamily2001 caught a loved one falling asleep on the couch with the tv on. The videographer tries to gently shake the sleeper: “Hey, Jason...Jason!” But, it’s clear nothing will wake Jason up!
  • Chad Sirnio made this video with a heartfelt message: “I’ve been having this debate with my beautiful wife who I love more than anything, that she snores and makes crazy sounds in her sleep...she denies it entirely… Sorry, honey, this is me getting proof”. 
    Finding a snoring solution that benefits both partners can be a real challenge. Driven to extremes, many couples end up sleeping in another room. According to a 2014 survey, nearly half the couples in America sleep in separate bedrooms at some point. Of those couples, almost half do so because of a partner’s snoring.
    If your partner tells you that you’ve been snoring, what should you do? Believe them! They’re not making it up! By admitting it, you can both move forward to finding some peace and rest. By denying it, you may be pushing your partner to the point where they do a little sleuthing and sharing themselves! Rather than let the whole world listen in on your snooze tunes, listen to your partner and work towards finding a solution together.
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