Pregnancy and Babies: Finding Sleep When it’s Needed the Most

Pregnancy and Babies: Finding Sleep When it’s Needed the Most

Expecting parents usually have a big list of to-do's that keeps them up at night. When is my next medical appointment? Did I sign-up for that new parenting class? Did I order the crib yet? The list is endless! Extra busy days juggling work and family also means that when new and expecting parents actually get to sleep at a decent hour, night time disruptions can be even more harmful to their sleep.
While the struggle for parents to get enough sleep is often talked and written about in community support groups and parents magazines, lesser known and discussed in parenting circles, is the onset of snoring that can come with pregnancy.
Even if expecting mothers never snored before, more than a third of pregnant women find themselves snoring during pregnancy. There are numerous factors that could be causing it, chief among them are hormonal changes, weight gain and fluid retention, which swells the upper airways.
What are expecting mothers or couples to do? Meet Gabriela in California who’s been using Smart Nora for over 3 months. Gabriela commented on our Facebook page and shared with us and other Smart Nora fans the solution to getting her and husband's sleep needs met. Here's a bit of their story: 

Gabriela and her husband, from California. Smart Nora users for 3 months.

“I have never been one to snore much, but apparently that is another blissful symptom of when my husband kept sleeping with earplugs and complaining about sleepless nights, I figured I would start looking for a solution."
After the first two nights of using Smart Nora, Gabriela noticed something didn't seem right with her device and she reached out to the Customer Experience team with an email. “They were super fast and nice and within 2 days, without even asking for it, they sent me a replacement!!”
Now, equipped with a properly working Smart Nora, Gabriela put it to use. The results? “...according to my husband (who no longer sleeps with earplugs), it actually works!! It is impossible to hear when it inflates...Thanks to Nora the only thing getting bigger is my belly and not my snoring ;)” 

As for expecting Moms who find themselves simply more sensitive to their partner’s snoring and being kept up all night, some of the most colorful prose on the Internet has been written by new mothers about this very circumstance. The popular Mothers' website, Scary Mommy has a particularly real take! We’ve also heard about their experience with Smart Nora. 


Tiffany in Michigan wrote to us about hers and her husband’s experience. They’ve been using Smart Nora to relieve their snoring for the last 5 months:


“I can finally sleep in the same room as my husband. Once I got pregnant, I became very sensitive to his snoring and now with a new baby, that is up every few hours, I need as much sleep as possible. His snoring was preventing me from getting any sleep. Now we can all sleep.”
Thanks to Gabriela and Tiffany, who shared their sleeping struggles with us! We're delighted to hear that Smart Nora's helping pregnant and new mothers everywhere get their much-needed and well-deserved sleep, especially with the arrival of your little ones.
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