More Love Letters to Smart Nora

More Love Letters to Smart Nora

Every single day we get messages about the new found sleep couples are finding after using Smart Nora. Some are even finally sleeping in the same room with their sweethearts after years of separate bedrooms. The most common message? Nora fans are sleeping better because they’re no longer waking themselves up.  Moreover, their partners are no longer awoken by sounds of snoring. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what people are saying:
Kathy from Oregon tell us that she bought Smart Nora after her husband's experimentation with a custom mouthpiece still left her "kneeing him in the middle of the night when things got loud." "Smart Nora works so well for him! I hear him start to snore every once in a while, but then his pillow shifts the tiniest bit and it stops. We both sleep much better now." 
It's not just partner's of snorers getting more sleep. "I sleep well and am no longer tired in the day. Best of all, my husband is no longer woken up by my snoring!" says Emma in the UK. 
Michael and his wife in New York have rediscovered sleep and sleeping in the same room after decades of marriage, "My wife tells me she never hears me snoring anymore...a first in 20 years of marriage! I've found that my cognition during the day is much better and I feel more rested than before Nora. My biggest problem is my own bad habit of not getting enough sleep to begin with! The only device that will take care of that is a broken TV remote! Cheers to the folks at Smart Nora! I thank you and my wife thanks you! :)"
Rebecca in New Hampshire puts her experience of new found sleep, simply: 
Nadine in Illinois has also been delighted by getting more sleep:
After years of trying out different tactics and products, couples are finding Smart Nora to be the optimal solution. It’s quiet, contact-free, travel-friendly, and adaptable to your individual needs. With the help of Smart Nora, couples can once again enjoy sharing the same bed.
Is time for you to finally kick snoring our of the bed?
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