How to Stay Awake

How to Stay Awake

How to Stay Awake

Do you ever feel sleepy during your workday? Do you ever get drowsy while driving? It’s quite normal to feel sluggish and tired sometimes. We all live busy lives and sometimes we don’t get enough sleep at night. Happens to all of us! When we don’t get enough restful sleep it can impact our energy supply and make us want to fall asleep during the day in our office or even while we are driving. 

There are ways to stay awake at work or in your car without reaching for the caffeinated drinks. It’s easy to reach for the cup of java or an energy drink when you lack energy, right? Caffeine can give you a quick pick-me-up but can also have you crashing really hard. Sometimes that’s ok and it is needed. But there are also some natural ways to stay awake if you want to avoid the crash and hold on to your energy for a longer stretch. So the question is..

How to Stay Awake?

Let’s take a look at some natural ways to keep you awake during the day, while on the road, or even if staying awake all night is what you need, although you should avoid staying awake at night as much as possible. Yes, we get it, sometimes sleep is not an option if you work night shifts or have a new baby.

Reasons Why You Are Feeling Sleepy

Occasionally feeling sleepy is natural while regularly feeling sluggish and tired is not. We all figure out our own ways to cope when we feel sleepy but there are some ways that you may not be aware of. We’ll get into that in this article.

Take a look at some of your lifestyle habits and sleep patterns to determine if there is a reason for the regular daytime sleepiness. A good night’s sleep should have you wake up feeling rested and with the energy necessary to get on with your day. 

Lack of sleep is a major health concern and action should be taken to determine what the cause is. If you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, or any other sleep disturbance you should speak with your doctor to find a suitable treatment method that will help you get full nights of deep sleep. If snoring is a cause of it don’t take it lightly, snoring is not only annoying it can put a serious strain on your body and relationship. There are advanced gadgets that will put your snoring trouble to rest once and for all. 

You may have had one too many at the dinner party the night before or you may have a new baby that is keeping you up at all hours of the night. You may even have a project deadline that is coming real fast and you compromise some sleep time to finish. Don’t worry, we get it. 

Tips and Tricks to Stay Awake at Work

how to stay awake

So, you’re getting the case of zzz’s at your desk? Try some of these tips to help prevent it from occurring or help get you through it when it does.

Drink Water

    Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps you hydrated and functioning properly. Dehydration can cause a lack of energy, so make sure to keep some water with you and remind yourself to drink regularly. 

    Listen to Energizing Music

      Music is a powerful mood booster. Listen to some tunes that are upbeat and that will have you tapping your feet. Don’t break out into a full-blown dance party because that may be inappropriate in your office!

      Bright Lights

        Make sure that your office space is well lit. Our bodies and circadian rhythms are conditioned to go to sleep when it’s dark and to stay awake when there is light.


          Aromatherapy is proven to help enhance sleep and also give us energy, depending on the scent. Essential oils like citrus, peppermint, or jasmine are known to energize and wake up our senses. You can use a diffuser in your office space or rub some oil on your temples.

          Take a Walk Break

            A brisk walk will always wake up your body and mind. A simple 15-minute walk around the block can have you ready to get back to work with energy to spare.

            Tips to Stay Awake All Night

            Of course, a good night’s sleep is the healthiest thing to do, but there are a variety of reasons why you may have to compromise your sleep. There are ways to help you stay awake all night if you work night shifts or are working on a deadline. 

            Take a Nap

              The best thing to do is to prepare. Take a nap during the day if you know that you will be spending the night without sleep. 

              Take a Cold Shower

                Cold water will wake anybody up! Take a cold shower to wake up your body and mind or splash cold water on your face for an instant pick-me-upper. 


                  Take regular breaks to get up and move. Sitting for long periods can have you dozing off in your chair. 

                  Trick your circadian rhythm 

                    Your circadian rhythm naturally wants you to go to sleep when nighttime comes. Your body will start to produce melatonin when it gets darker and will cue your body to sleep. Keep bright lights around you to stay awake during the night.

                    Blue Light

                      It’s proven that the blue light emitted from your smartphone or other electronic devices can also trick your melatonin levels to keep you from falling asleep. Use your phone or tablet to help keep you awake. 

                      How to Stay Awake While Driving

                      how to stay awake

                      Staying awake and alert while on the road is essential. Sometimes a feeling of sleepiness will overpower us and we need to stay safe and vigilant. 

                      Don't drive at Night

                        The best way to avoid drowsiness while driving is to avoid driving the hours where you are normally asleep. Try not to hit the road between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. 

                        Take a Nap 

                          Take a nap before heading out if you know you’re going to be driving for an extended period that may have you eventually feeling tired.

                          Keep the Temperature Cool

                            Keep the inside of the vehicle nice and cool to avoid sluggishness. 


                              Take a few long inhales and exhale slowly. Breathing deeply will increase blood oxygen levels and increase mental awareness.

                              Stop and Nap

                                The best thing to do when you start to feel less alert and nothing else works is to pull over to a safe location and take a short power nap.

                                Make Some Lifestyle Changes

                                It’s always a good idea to get a good night’s sleep in order to avoid feeling sleepy during the day. Certain lifestyles and habits can have us messing up our sleep and leave us feeling sleepy in the office at midday.

                                Ways to Get Some Good Sleep

                                  • Making sure you get a good night’s sleep can involve many factors. Avoid alcoholic beverages or other stimulants before bedtime, provide a comfortable bedroom environmentdim lights, and ensure the proper bedroom temperature. These are all things that can help you get enough restful sleep.
                                  • Other things like sleep meditation or relaxing music can also help you drift off easily and stay asleep. 
                                  • Snoring and other sleep disorders can have you or your partner awake at night and groggy during the day. Attack your snoring head-on if this is the cause for your tired days.

                                  Obviously, the best and healthiest thing to do is to get some good zzz's every night. Sometimes that just isn’t possible for a variety of reasons. Life, right? Busy schedules, family needs, social events, we all live pretty full and sometimes hectic lives. 

                                  Feeling sleepy during the day doesn’t have you running for a few cups of coffee or energy drinks. Try these simple and natural ways to stay awake when you feel sluggish and lack energy in the office, while you are driving, or on your night shift. 

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