Best Sleep Music For Relaxing 2021

Best Sleep Music For Relaxing 2021

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Music is one of the easiest and non-invasive ways to relax our minds and bodies to get to sleep. That’s why parents sing lullabies at bedtime to their babies as it soothes and calms them to help get them to sleep. The same thing happens to adults too, listening to soothing sounds or music could help them relax and assist their sleep.

Are you having a difficult time falling asleep? Put on some good sleep music and you’ll be off in the land of zzz’s in no time. Continue reading, you will find the best sleep music list for you to relax and the benefits of listening to sleep music.

Best Sleep Music Genres

sleep music

We know that hard rock or fast electronic music is not good sleep music. But what makes good sleep music?

  • First, the number of beats per second should not exceed 80 bpm. A resting heart rate can be equal to 60-80 beats per minute. 
  • Second, rhythm and sound should be stable. It should not have sharp changes in tempo or volume. 


  • Classical

Classical music is widely known to evoke emotions and also relax. Not all classical songs are soft and some are actually quite exhilarating. So choose your classical playlist wisely.

Here’s a classical music playlist we think is good for getting you off to sleep smoothly.

  • Nature and Ambient

Sitting by a source of water or listening to the leaves rustle in the wind can relax our minds and our bodies. Listening to music with relaxing background sounds and nature sounds can help us fall asleep and drift into dreamland fully relaxed.

A variety of nature sounds combined with ambient music exists. Search for the sounds of nature that you enjoy the most.

Here’s one of a soft stream and forest sounds with calm ambient music.

  • Soft Jazz

Soft Jazz can take you back in time and have you forgetting whatever is on your mind keeping you awake. Lay back and let soft jazz sway you into dreamland.

Try out this good sleep jazz video.

  • Meditation

Meditation music is many people’s go-to-sleep music to get to sleep fast and to stay asleep. Many playlists are available out there. Some even have a sleep talk down mindful meditation to help calm your mind and to remind you to stay in the moment as you fall asleep.

Fun Fact: Experts have determined that the best sleep song available today is Weightless. After being tested along with many other songs, this song “resulted in a striking 65 percent reduction in participants' overall anxiety, and a 35 percent reduction in their usual physiological resting rates.

The Benefits of Sleep Music

sleep music

Obviously, there are many options out there to help with insomnia and other sleep distrurbances. But before reaching for the bottle of pills or other invasive type solutions, why not give sleep music a try. You may want to try listening to sleep music at bedtime If you’re experiencing insomnia and have difficulty falling asleep and see for yourself the benefits it provides.

  • Decrease Anxiety / Stress

Listening to soft peaceful music with or without lyrics will get your mind off your day’s troubles. Your mind will drift into a more positive space and your anxiety and stress will disappear.

  • Lower Blood Pressure/Breathing/Heart Rate

Listening to soft music with a slow beat can help you relax your mind which will, in turn, relax your body. Relaxing your body will lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing to help you get to sleep easier. 

  • Raise Serotonin 

How we love that feel-good chemical, serotonin! Listening to good sleep music can raise serotonin levels in your body to help you feel better and get to sleep worry-free.

Can Relaxing Music Help You Sleep Better? Studies have proven that listening to sleep music before bedtime increases sleep quality and can diminish depression symptoms. 

Best Way to Listen To Relaxing Music 

It’s recommended to listen to about 45 minutes of sleep music when you go to bed. Depending on whether you have a partner or not, you can wear headphones or have the music playing softly in the room. 

You can make your own playlist with all your favorite sleep songs or you can search for already created sleep music playlists on apps like Spotify or Youtube. Find one that you especially enjoy and that calms you and try to stick to it. Your mind and body will get programmed If you listen to the same playlist every night. Your subconscious will automatically recognize the music and know that it’s time to settle down for the night. 

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