Do you sleep with a white noise machine or in complete silence? Nora's got you covered.

With the boards and firmware in place, we have been testing Nora’s bedsider in a wide range of bedroom settings. After our preliminary testing with the factory samples we are very happy with the outcome. From our testers, we have been learning about the most common types of background noises found in bedrooms. The most notable are AC units, fans, white noise and traffic. 
Due to the tricky nature of acoustics in relation to different material and physical structures, the final tests will be done with the final PCB inside the final plastic housing of the bedsider. We are only a few weeks away from having our finalized plastic pieces!
As we move towards manufacturing more than 100 units to test for quality and for the assembly process, we will be repeating these simulations to make sure Nora’s performance is just as solid when the microphone is installed in the plastics off the tool.
Getting Nora's audio sensors ready to take on your snoring and ambient noises in your bedrooms GETTING NORA'S AUDIO SENSORS READY TO TAKE ON YOUR SNORING AND AMBIENT NOISES IN YOUR BEDROOMS
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