Design A Dark Bedroom For Better Sleep

Are you experiencing insomnia or other types of sleep problems? Have you tried several things and nothing seems to work? You have tried essential oils, sleep meditation, or even sleeping pills and still can’t sleep. Well, maybe your bedroom design and color scheme are to blame. 

Our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries to help provide a good nights’ sleep. Your environment should evoke calmness, comfort, and relaxation. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing or remodeling your bedroom. Dark bedrooms have been proven to help induce deep sleep and help ward off insomnia.

Why Does a Dark Bedroom Help us Sleep Better?

Dark colored bedrooms help us to relax and unwind. Bright colors can energize us and keep us from falling asleep and sleeping well. Having the least amount of light and stimulus in our bedroom is the best way to assure a calm and restful night. 

The circadian cycle is like our own internal clock telling us when it’s time to wake and when it’s time to sleep. Light has a major impact on our circadian cycle and can have big impacts on our sleep. 

Light signals to the body that it should be awake. On the other hand, darkness signals that it’s time to sleep. Often referred to as the sleep hormone, melatonin is also known as the darkness hormone, since its production coincides with darkness. Your brain begins releasing melatonin a few hours before you go to bed, reaching its peak in the middle of the night.

Tips for Designing a Dark Bedroom 

  • Keep your bedroom for sleep, intimacy, and relaxation.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary to provide rejuvenating sleep. If you can, avoid working in your bedroom during the day. Make sure that you associate your bedroom with sleep and rest.

Assure that exterior light is blocked and cannot enter to wake you or to disturb your deep sleep.

  • Limit blue light and devices.

Blue light from our smartphones and other devices is proven to stimulate and interfere with deep sleep. The light emitted may trick your brain into thinking that it is daylight and therefore meddle with your circadian cycle. 

Red light filters exist to block the blue light from certain devices. Smartphones and tablets may come with a “night mode” that will help block blue light. 

If you use an e-reader before bedtime, make sure that it has a red filter or night mode.

  • Shed the LED Alarm Clock 

The small and seemingly innocuous light coming from your alarm clock may actually provide enough light in your bedroom to disrupt sleep. 

Choose an alarm clock with the least light possible or turn the light away from you.

  • Dim the lights 1 hour before falling asleep.

Installing dimmers in your bedroom can be a beneficial investment. Try dimming the lights gradually 1 hour before you intend to go to sleep. This will trigger melatonin and help your circadian cycle believe that it’s time for sleep.

  • Eye Masks 

Eye masks can help block out light when other options are not available.

Dark Bedroom Ideas

Color trends come and go and you may be tempted to go with the latest color scheme that you saw on Pinterest. The one room that needs a little more consideration color-wise is the bedroom. It should be well thought out because it has a huge impact on your sleep and your health. 

“Navy and midnight blues, charcoal grays, deep teals, and even black, which is the trickiest to pull off if you don’t get a lot of natural light in your space. But it’s doable. The word on the street is that this trend might actually be beneficial for sleep—either it helps you drift off easily and/or stay asleep longer. And that’s because darkness, or lack of light, is key for melatonin production.”

Black bedrooms have become trendy and can help you sleep better. Are you looking into redesigning your current bedroom? Here are a few design ideas for a dark or black bedroom. 

dark bedroom


dark bedroom


dark bedroom


Helpful Tip: Painting black walls in your whole bedroom may sound intimidating. Consider painting only one wall black or a dark color. This may also be a good idea if your space is small. Remember that black or dark color will make the room look even smaller.

dark bedroom


Trick: If the idea of a black bedroom is not appealing to you, you may want to choose another color that doesn’t reflect much light like a teal, indigo, or dark green. 

dark bedroom


dark bedroom


dark bedroom


Design Ideas

Look into changing a few items in your bedroom if redesigning the entire room is not possible. Sometimes a small change can make a big difference. 

  • Adding a dark-colored headboard to your existing bed can have a huge impact on your overall decor.
dark bedroom


  • Change your linens and comforter for dark shades to provide that desired dark bedroom and elegant look.
dark bedroom


  • Lighting is very important in your bedroom. Opt for lighting that you can adjust and direct.
dark bedroom



Go Dark and Sleep Better

If you are experiencing any sleep disturbances you should be looking at all the possible reasons for this. Sometimes a simple bedroom redesign can help you to drift off to sleep faster and stay asleep. Diminishing any possible light infiltrations and providing a dimmed environment before bedtime can help your mind wind-down and let you get that much-needed rest.

Color and light have huge impacts on our lives and on our health. Make sure to surround yourself with the winning components to provide restorative sleep. When we are well rested we can tackle the day with energy and motivation. 

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