The 4 Best Electric Blankets 2021

The 4 Best Electric Blankets 2021

best electric blankets

Do you get chilly when the cold season rolls around? Are you the one in your home with constant cold feet in the winter months? You may be looking into purchasing a heated blanket for those colder months. Sliding under a heating blanket for the night can keep you from cranking up the heat in your bedroom. Actually, investing in an electric blanket can help save money on the heating bill.

Electric blankets come in many different sizes, fabrics, and functions. Most have long cords to accommodate movement and offer various heating settings. Some are big enough for partners to share and have each their setting on their own sides. Know your needs before you go out to pick up your heated blanket. What size do you need? What settings are important for you? 

Read on to find out our top picks for electric blankets in 2021. Let’s help you get those toes toasty. 

Best Electric Blankets 2021

Here is our top list of the 4 best electric blankets on the market today. 

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Blanket

best electric blankets

Sunbeam is a trusted brand for a variety of products. They hold their reputation with their electric blankets and are often on the top lists of reviewers. This heated blanket holds up to its reputation with great features like 10 heat settings and a 10-hour auto-off function. It comes in all bed sizes and a variety of colors to choose from.  It offers a dual control on the queen and king size models. 

The polyester 2 mm fleece is extra soft and is easily machine washable and dryer safe. This Sunbeam heated blanket offers great quality at a very affordable price. 

Product Features

  • 10 heat settings
  • 10-hour auto-off
  • Heat control/consistent warmth
  • Machine wash/dryer
  • 5-year warranty

Users are saying

“The blanket heats evenly once it's properly set up. DO NOT use a power strip for the plug or you will find set up difficult (like I did). The plug must go directly into a wall socket. Wait until the blanket works properly before using the second plugin.

The heating elements work well. Most users shouldn't be bothered with the automatic off feature after 10 hours of use.” - Carol 

Serta Luxe Plush Low Voltage Electric Heated Micro Fleece Blanket 

best electric blankets

The Serta Luxe Plush electric blanket features thin wires that makes it feel like a regular blanket, making it one of the most comfortable heated blankets on the market today. The low voltage feature makes it safer than others and provides even heat throughout the night. 

It offers 11 heat adjustable features and dual controls on the queen and king size models. 

The super-soft luxurious microfleece fabric makes it a dream to sleep with. It’s also machine washable and dryer safe. The fabric won’t pill or shrink even after several washes.

Product Features

  • 5 x thinner wires
  • 11 heat settings
  • Low voltage
  • Evenly distributed heat
  • Machine washable/ dryer safe
  • Luxurious microfleece
  • 5-year warranty

Users are saying

“This blanket is exactly what I was looking for! It is so soft and cozy. It heats up quickly and the temperature has a wide range of heat adjustment!. Do not hesitate to purchase this blanket! You will not be disappointed.” - Shannon

Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa 

best electric blankets

The Biffeford MicroPlush Sherpa heated blanket is made of a soft sherpa on one side and a soft microfiber on the other. You can choose the side you prefer to have next to your skin. This electric blanket also boasts thin wires for maximum comfort.

It has a 10 heat setting feature and automatic shut-off. The queen-size and the king-size come with dual controllers. 

This is a great electric blanket if you want the option of switching sides for a multi-textured experience.

Product Features

  • Thin wires
  • 10 heat settings
  • Machine washable/ dryer safe
  • 2 different fabrics
  • 5-year warranty

Users are saying

“My daughter loves this blanket. She suffers from muscle soreness and pain and this blanket does a great job of relaxing her muscles. It is soft and not too heavy. The wires are not prominent and controls are very intuitive. Best of all is heats evenly and so far consistently.” - J.Leon

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Electric Heated Warming Blanket 

 best electric blankets

The Soft Heat Micro-Fleece electric blanket is super soft to the touch and provides even warmth throughout the night. It also has thin wires and safe low-voltage power. It features 10 heating settings and an auto-shutoff option.

It comes in all bedding sizes and various colors to suit your needs. The larger sizes have dual control for maximum comfort on all sides of the bed. As with other electric blankets features on our list, this one is also machine washable and dryer safe.

Product Features

  • Thin wires
  • 10 heat settings
  • Machine washable/ dryer safe
  • 5-year warranty

Users are saying

“Really nice heated blanket for those cold winter nights. Unlike all other heated blankets where the wires are thick and lumpy, the heating wires in this blanket are almost undetectable. This makes the blanket feel soft to the touch just like an ordinary plush fleece blanket. Also much better having a safe low voltage heating system, when you have a dog that jumps on the bed. There is no danger of a severe electric shock to you or your pets should a wire ever get broken. Really a great product!” - Doug Allan

Benefits of Electric Blankets

The main benefit of owning an electric blanket is, obviously, to keep you warm. Some people enjoy the toasty feeling when drifting off to sleep, others like to wrap themselves up in a heating blanket while watching TV or lounging.

  • Save

Owning an electric blanket may have you thinking that you will be jacking up the electricity bill, right? On the contrary, you will actually be saving on your monthly heating bill. The electric blanket was the most energy-efficient choice. The amount of power that the blanket takes is much less than the heating system in your home. Who doesn’t like saving money, right!

  • Heal

Electric blankets can help soothe aches and pains due to menstrual cramps, arthritis, or other types of temporary discomfort. They can work the same way heating pads do for your aching and tense muscles.

  • Sleep Better

Your body uses thermoregulation to maintain your ideal body heat during the day. It naturally arises in the early day to energize you and starts to go down just before bedtime. This may cause people to experience chills and difficulty falling and staying asleep. This is where an electric blanket can help you achieve better sleep.

Are Electric Blankets Safe To Use?

Electric blankets are not suited for young children or people with dementia as this can lead to burns. Also, they aren’t recommended for pregnant women as the effects of the heat are unknown for the baby. But mostly, they are very safe when used properly. 

Besides, it is not recommended and not safe to leave electric blankets on all night. Choosing ones with the auto-shutoff setting will prevent overheating. New electric blankets are usually safer than older electric blankets. Older electric blankets may not have a shut-off function which is risky of overheating. Hence, older blankets are sometimes considered fire hazards.

How Do Electric Blankets Work?

Electric blankets contain wires that are sewn inside the blanket fabric layers and heat the fabric to warm you up quickly when you turn it on.

Buyer’s Guide: Electric Blanket

There are a few things to consider when going out to purchase your electric blanket.

  • Size: Determine the size that you want to get. Is it only for you or will you be sharing with your partner? Sizes come in the regular bedding sizes, from twin to king. 
  • Dual Control: The bigger blankets sometimes come with dual controls. This means that you and your partner can individually adjust the heat to your liking. This is an especially nifty feature if you like to really get toasty while your partner doesn’t. 
  • Material: Most electric blankets are made of plush-type materials like sherpa, faux fur, or micro plush. Choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. 
  • Heat Settings: Look for the maximum settings for the best versatility.
  • Auto-off: Most blankets feature this option. Make sure to verify that the one your purchase has this option. 
  • Machine washable/dryer safe: You will want your blanket to be easy to care for. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on proper care of your new heating blanket.

FAQ about Electric Blankets

Q: Who should not use electric blankets?

A: An infant; A child; An incapacitated or immobile person; A paraplegic; A quadriplegic; A diabetic; Anyone insensitive to heat such as a person with poor blood circulation; Anyone who cannot clearly understand the instructions and/or operate the controls.

Q: Will electric blanket kill bed bugs?

A: No. Electric blankets’s temperature range is between 70°F and 110°F. Bed bugs can be killed by  140°F with 2 hours. Therefore, the electric blankets hardly can kill the bed bugs.

Q: Will electric blankets cause cancer?

A: No. There is no evidence that typical exposures to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) produced by electric blankets pose any risk of causing cancer.

Q: Are electric blankets safe during pregnancy?

A: It is highly recommended to not use an electric blanket during pregnancy.

Q: Are electric blankets washable?

A: Yes. Most of the modern electric blankets are machine washable. Do check on the user manual for detailed instructions. 

Q: Can electric blanket be dry cleaned?

A: No. Electric blankets contain wires, electrical connections and heating elements that are covered by or encased in plastic. Drycleaning solvents can dissolve the plastic insulators, exposing the wires.

Q: Can electric blanket dehydrate you?

A: Yes. To avoid dehydration, please don’t leave the electric blanket on all night and drink water before going to sleep.

Should you purchase an Electric Blanket?

You will enjoy having an electric blanket if you are one that tends to get cold and want that extra warmth in the colder months without cranking up the heating system. Electric blankets can also easily replace heating pads for aches and muscle soreness. 

Sleeping well is something we all want and we make sure to provide a good environment to do so. Adding an electric blanket can help you and your partner sleep better through the night. 

No more waking up with cold feet!

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