5 Proven Tips to Instantly Improve Your Sleep Habits

5 Proven Tips to Instantly Improve Your Sleep Habits

Remember that day when you finally woke up, after tossing around all night in bed like popcorn, and could not even decide if you had gotten any sleep or not?

If staring at the ceiling on such nights is not frustrating enough, the morning routine can be like revving up an 80s Ford engine on a cold winter morning. In short, not the best way to start the day.

Everyone has an awful night of sleep every now and then. But when you start losing sleep on a regular basis, whether due to some personal trouble or worries, your mind and body get affected. Being cranky, tired, and low on energy are some of the immediate effects of not sleeping well. Whereas, the long-term effects include depression, cognitive decline, and even dementia. However, you can avoid such issues if you take control of your sleeping habits today.

You Can Improve Your Sleeping Habits

For some people, sleeping habits can worsen during tough times like career roadblocks or relationship issues. But, the fact remains that no matter what the crisis, losing sleep over it does not help the cause one bit. Sleep deprivation becomes yet another problem on the list.

Having said that, sleeping is like any other habit. Sleep is an aspect that affects your cognitive functions. Once you get this habit right, you may even start finding solutions to long-term problems. If you begin taking small steps in the direction of the tips given below, you will soon find yourself getting back your quota of ‘zzz.’ You can improve and even fix sleeping habits with smart behavioral changes. 

Turn your nights from the chaos of sea storms to the serenity of a peaceful lake with these five tips:

1. Build Consistency and Discipline

If you are having problems with sleep, binge-watching a show till 2 am is definitely not going to help. On the other hand, once you develop a consistent daily routine, your body clock will put you to sleep naturally when it is time. Going to bed and waking up every day at the same time helps the body switch off and on with ease. 

Plan your daily activities to optimize your sleep at night. Start indulging in physical activities and avoid naps in the afternoon that are longer than 20 minutes

2. Follow a Bedtime Ritual

Every object associated with sleep is essential for people having trouble luring the Sleep Goddess. The bedroom is especially a place that deserves the sanctity of a temple. Keep that space only for sleeping and relaxing. You will start forming the right neuro-associations. Soon, simply lying on your bed will start making you feel sleepy.

Prepare for your sleep at least an hour in advance. Stay away from electronic devices like phones, TV, and laptops. Engaging content that demands your attention, such as news, loud music, or even work, stops the brain from relaxing before sleep. Instead, pick up something relaxing like a book or soothing music, and the next thing you know…you will be waking up fresh in the morning!

3. Practice Acceptance

If forming a sleeping habit was easy, there would not be 70 million Americans struggling with sleep deprivation today. There will be rough nights when you will not get the deep sleep you need. But, instead of picking a fight with your own mind on such nights, it is always better to accept an exception in a long-term process.

During rough times, your mind is already struggling with anxiety about issues of everyday life. You do not need one more thing to worry about. Sleep should be effortless and relaxing. It is crucial to understand that you cannot fight your way to sleep. 

In fact, when you find yourself lying awake for too long, get out of bed and start doing a mild activity. Come back again only when you feel sleepy.

4. Do Not Ignore Your Social Life

When the chips are down, it is okay to feel the urge to curl up in a ball and keep to yourself. Often enough, people complain of sleepless nights…after taking multiple naps all day! You can spend your free time meeting with people, socializing, playing a sport, or taking a walk in the park.

Use social media the right way and keep away from negative stories and bad news. Social support helps in maintaining mental health and peace of mind. Staying in touch with family and friends alleviates anxiety and helps the mind relax.

5. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Diet is the first thing that gets ignored whenever mental peace gets affected. Not to mention, an inefficient diet can have serious consequences on sleeping patterns.

Keep your coffee intake in check and, if possible, avoid it beyond afternoons. Have short meals at regular intervals and avoid having a feast before you go to bed. Apart from the right food, keep a healthy diet of sun exposure every day. This will help regulate your body clock and vitality.

Sleep Like A Baby!

Sleep deprivation can happen due to a lot of causes. But whether you suffer from stress and anxiety or have a snoring partner, there is always something you can do about it. Form a daily routine, keep a healthy diet, and enjoy your social life. Soon, you will begin to form a more stable sleeping cycle. 

Of course, there can still be interruptions to a stable sleeping cycle. What if you achieve a stable sleeping cycle, but your throat muscles relax too much, producing rumbling sounds (otherwise known as snores)? What if you are woken up mid-sleep by the nudges of your partner trying to stop your snores? Or maybe you have to sleep in a separate room because of your snoring? 

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