Ready for silent nights?

Follow along and set up your device. For other questions visit the Help Center.  

Remember to give yourself up to 5 nights to get used to the movement of your pillow and get best results.

The Pebble has a blue flashing light?

If your Pebble has a blue flashing light, that means it is not paired to the Base.
To pair the Pebble and Base:

  1. Unlock the Pebble (the Pebble should be off, and all LED lights automatically off).
  2. Connect the Pebble and the Base with the USB cable
  3. Turn on the Base
  4. Press and hold the Bluetooth Button on the Pebble. A purple light will flash on the Pebble, then stop flashing when a connection is established. Press the Bluetooth Button once to manually activate the pump to test the connection.