Zenguard by Zensleep Review

Zenguard by Zensleep Review

Zenguard by Zensleep Review

You’re finally ready to tackle head-on your snoring problem. Or maybe your partner is keeping you awake at night and you simply have had enough. There’s no need to sleep in the quest bedroom or send your partner to the couch for the night. There are numerous anti-snoring options on the market today that can help you reduce and even put a stop to the awful snoring.

Restless nights result in groggy mornings and sleepy days. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. There’s no need to go through life with sleep deprivation because your partner snores up a storm at night or you wake yourself up several times during the night with your loud noises. 

Not all snorers are created equal and therefore not all anti-snoring solutions work for everyone. Zenguard by Zensleep is a tongue stabilizing device that claims to put a stop to snoring and even mild sleep apnea. Does it really work? Will it work for you? Let’s read some reviews from users and see what they have to say about the product. You can then make a wise decision if this could be a good anti-snoring solution for. But first let's see what it is and how it works. 

What Is Zenguard by Zensleep

Zenguard by Zensleep is a tongue stabilizing device that helps reduce and even put a stop to disturbing snoring. But what in the world is a tongue stabilizing device? Sounds a little intimidating, right? Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. It is actually a proven and effective way to help people quit snoring, it's just not comfortable at all :(

A tongue stabilizing device can sometimes also be called a tongue retaining device. These have been on the market for several years now and the concept behind the device is very simple. There are several brands to choose from and they all vary in form but they all have the same function. But how does a tongue stabilizing device help you to stop snoring?

How Does it Work

Most of the nighttime snoring sufferers tend to snore because of obstructed airways. How does your airway get obstructed while you sleep? As you fall asleep you muscles relax and you airway partially collapses. Your tongue ,yes, your tongue and tissues around your airway relax when you fall asleep. Your airway partially collapses a s result and your tongue can slide back into your throat. This causes the tissues to vibrate as air flows through. It can be soft whistles or it can be like an 18-wheeler going through the bedroom putting on the Jake brake loud.

An obstructed airway while you sleep can also be caused by sleep apnea. This condition is when you have pauses in your breathing while you sleep. A tongue stabilizer may help with mild sleep apnea if they have clinical study to show for it. But a doctor should be consulted if you have apnea as it is a serious condition and should be taken care of properly.

The idea behind the tongue stabilizing device is to keep your tongue in place so that it doesn’t obstruct your airways. This technique is effective if the device can be tolerated by the user. 

The Zenguard device uses suction to keep your tongue inside the device while you sleep. Your tongue can’t go anywhere so it won’t slide back into your throat. That’s the simple technique used by Zenguard, as well as other tongue stabilizing devices. 

You insert your tongue into the BPA-free silicone device and squeeze the bulb in order to suction and retain your tongue inside the device. The device should stay on all night and you and your partner should get a better night’s sleep. Well, definitely your partner, you might have a sore tongue in the morning and experience excessive drooling or a dry mouth. 

What Users Are Saying - Zenguard by Zensleep Reviews

Zenguard reviews seem to be favorable with the product itself. Snoring is diminished when the device is used. Most users report a slightly sore tongue the first few days of using the device. Snoring seems to be alleviated with most users who can wear the Zenguard tongue retainer all night long. 

The device is a one-size-fits-all and is larger compared to other tongue retainers. This device will probably not work well for you if you have a small mouth and your tongue can’t extend very well. Some users find it uncomfortable and end up pulling it out during the night. 

Reports of excessive saliva and drooling are quite common with the Zenguard tongue stabilizer, as it is with most of these devices. You may also find swallowing difficult while you are wearing the retainer. This can be unpleasant enough for users to quit using the Zenguard or any other tongue retaining devices. 

They advertise a 90-day refund and some customers who bought the Zenguard device and wanted to return it found themselves with unanswered emails and unreachable customer service. The company is not FDA cleared and they have several claims at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) regarding unreliable customer service. 

Pros of Zenguard

  • Works well when used correctly
  • 90-day guarantee
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits most users
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used if you have dentures

Cons of Zenguard

  • May cause discomfort
  • May not stay in place all night
  • Looks silly
  • Causes drooling
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Not FDA cleared
  • Poor customer service

Is Zenguard by Zensleep right for You

Zenguard by Zensleep Review

Zenguard by Zensleep can be a good option for you if you snore because your tongue slides back when you sleep. This device will not help you if you know you are snoring because of a stuffy nose due to allergies or illness. Zenguard is also not intended for people with a deviated septum or other nose problems. You can’t breathe through your mouth while you are wearing the device. You need to have a non-obstructed nose for it to be effective. Since they are not FDA cleared you should not use this device for a serious condition like sleep apnea. 

This being said, it’s imperative that you know what type of snorer you are. You may waste a lot of money and energy on useless devices and products if you can't tell the root cause for your snoring. You can always speak with your doctor and ask for a sleep study if you’re uncertain what type of snorer you are. 

The Zenguard tongue retainer device is a good option for you if you wear dentures or have other dental work done. This device does not rest on your teeth or gums as some other devices do.

The device does look a little silly. It actually looks like a baby's pacifier. You may feel self-conscious when wearing it with your partner. They’ll probably even have a good laugh. But remind them that it’s for their own good and that they will hopefully get a good night’s sleep. Not all tongue retainers look like Zenguard. Some are more discreet but rest on the teeth and gums and can cause pain. Zenguard is known not to cause any mouth pain except possibly the tongue during the adjustment period.


The Zenguard tongue stabilizer device is uncomfortable and invasive like all other types of anti-snoring tongue retaining devices. You will have to go through an adjustment period and be aware of unpleasant side-effects like excessive drooling. 

The company seems to be unreliable this needs to be taken into account when deciding if you want to purchase this product or not.

We believe that the best anti-snoring options are those that have minimal impact and are non-intrusive. The most successful anti-snoring solutions are those that let you sleep as you normally do without having to put anything in your mouth, on your face, or change the way you sleep.  

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