Somnifix Mouth Tape Review: Does It Work?

Somnifix Mouth Tape Review: Does It Work?

Somnifix Mouth Tape Review

Do you snore up a storm every night? Does your partner keep you awake with their loud snoring noises? You are probably looking for an anti-snoring solution if you're reading this article, and you should snoring puts your body and your relationship under a lot of pressure. Well, the good news is there are numerous anti-snoring options on the market today. From chin straps to nose dilators, there is a solution for every type of snorer. But which one is right for you?

Snoring can disrupt deep sleep for the snorer and their partner. Lack of sleep can, unfortunately, cause intimacy and health problems. Restorative sleep is not optional when it comes to being productive, happy, and holding healthy relationships

Somnifix mouth tape is one of these anti-snoring solutions that claim to put a stop to the nighttime cacophony that happens while you sleep. Keeping your mouth shut sounds like a simple and effective way to keep you from snoring, right? But does it work? Is it comfortable? Will it work for you? Let's take a look at what the Somnifix mouth tape is and what users are saying about it. 

Read on to see if it's the right solution for you! 

What is Somnifix 

Somnifix has quite an exciting startup story. Founder Nicholas Michalak presented his invention to the panel of business professionals on Shark Tank and managed to grab Marc Cuban's attention who decided to invest in his company.

Cuban was impressed that Michalak had already invested a lot of money on research and clinical studies for his product. The mouth tape was tested at Harvard Medical Studies and proved efficient enough to be put into production and pitch at Shark Tank. Cuban also suggested to the Somnifix developer that the mouth strips could be useful for athletes.

They negotiated a half-million-dollar investment for 20% of the company. 

Funny anecdote: Somnifix's original marketing line was "Your nose is for breathing and your mouth is for eating." Cuban was not impressed by this slogan and had Michalak change it. Good call, Mark Cuban, good call! We agree. ;) 

Somnifix's new slogan? "Don't let mouth breathing ruin your sleep... and your partner's too."

How Does Somnifix Mouth Tape Work

Somnifix mouth tape works by taping your mouth shut while you sleep. It sounds like a cheap and straightforward way to put a stop to snoring. 

Mouth breathers will naturally open their mouths while they sleep, which relaxes the jaw and makes the tongue slide into the throat. The awful snoring sounds are created by the vibration that the air produces while trying to pass through the restricted airway. The concept is that the tongue will stay in place and not obstruct the airway if the mouth stays shut.

Somnifix is not just a simple regular piece of tape to apply to your lips. It's made of specially-engineered hypoallergenic adhesive and offers a small breathing vent in case it is needed. They claim that comfort is their ultimate goal after obviously attacking the snoring part. 

You apply the mouth sleep strips to your lips before you go to bed. The adhesive tape stays put all night to keep you from opening your mouth. You will naturally breathe from your nose, and this will diminish the chances of you snoring.

What Are Users Saying - Somnifix Mouth Tape Reviews

The Somnifix website has over 600 reviews from verified buyers who seem to give the product glowing comments. 

"I am simply amazed at my results using the mouth strips. First two nights it felt strange, but since I bought them, I was committed to at least using all of them. By the third night, I slept through the night never waking once. In fact, I find myself nose breathing now throughout my day. I look forward to using the strips every night now because I dream and feel so much energy the next day! Incredible product I recommend to anyone who isn't sleeping through the night."

"Love this very odd find! Breathing through your nose gives you a much deeper sleep. Feels odd for the first few minutes and then it's not a big thing. So worth doing, to improve your sleep. I've told all of my friends, and now I'm telling you!"

"They simply don't have enough sticking power. If you have facial hair (even 2-3 days) it doesn't stick well. Under the best conditions, this product really does work. You have to train/commit to breathing through your nose and this is a great tool to get you there. Not sure it's a permanent fix. It's a start."

"I have a big mouth. This is not big enough."

 Over on Amazon, 59% of reviewers gave Somnifix a 5-star rating. 

"Love these strips, they've solved my dry mouth problem from my CPAP machine. I've ordered 5x already. At this rate, I can't not have these. Easy to apply, easy to remove, and no residue. Appreciate newly added slit to the wrapper that helps tear it open. Only negative is the price increase - would've been nice if it stayed the same."

"It reduced my snoring significantly! My wife is very happy. The first night I used them, my wife was worried I was so quiet during the night."

"These are too small, they come off during the night and don't stick very well. The little tabs that are on the sides that don't have adhesive make them come off very easily throughout the night. Hope they remake these."

"If you have a beard or mustache forget it. Product might work without either but does not stay stuck through the night if you have hair above or below lips. Money wasted as I'm unwilling to give up my well-trimmed facial hair."

Who Can Benefit From Somnifix?

Somnifix is designed for mouth breathers. Nighttime mouth breathing can cause snoring but can also cause several other health issues. Ever wake up with cottonmouth? You probably breathe through your mouth if you regularly wake up with a dry mouth or sore throat. Mouth breathing can cause tooth decay, nasal congestion, and a lack of deep sleep. 

Do you use a CPAP machine for your snoring? Somnifix can help keep your mouth shut to reap the full benefits of the CPAP. Please note you should always consult with your doctor when you are adding anything to treat a medical condition. 

Somnifix can help you get a better night's sleep if:

  • You are a nighttime mouth breather.
  • You are a mouth snorer.
  • Wake up with a dry mouth and sore throat.

Who can't benefit from Somnifix

Somnifix is intended for mouth breathers. The mouth tape will not be suitable for you if you have nose congestion during the night. Having allergies or a deviated septum may cause you to snore but keeping you from breathing through your mouth is not the best solution. The snoring is caused because you can't breathe through your nose and you naturally turn to mouth breathing which causes the snoring. In these cases, you need to look into the cause of your nasal congestion and treat that to take control of your snoring.

Somnifix is not suggested if:

  • You experience nasal congestion.
  • Have allergies.
  • Have a deviated septum.
  • Have chapped lips.
  • Are extremely overweight.
  • Have a heavy beard or mustache.

Does Somnifix Work?

Somnifix seems to put a stop to snoring when applied correctly. The sleep strips are suitable if you are a mouth breather and don't have any nasal obstructions. 

They stop snoring and also other issues like dry mouth and cough. Reviewers enjoy waking up without the dry mouth and morning cough that is caused by mouth breathing during the night. 

A few users had the mouth tape recommended by their dentists because mouth breathing can eventually cause some dental issues like decay.

The chief complaint among Somnifix mouth tape users is its adhesive quality. Several users have claimed that they don't stay put for the whole night. Having facial hair like a beard or a mustache seems to affect the adhesive capacity. Another common feedback among the reviewers of the mouth tape is that it isn't big enough. Maybe Somnifix should offer different sizes in the future to accommodate more people.

Some users mentioned that it took a while to get used to sleeping with something stuck on their faces. Others got used to it the first night. 


  • Puts a stop to snoring.
  • Prevents dry mouth.
  • Affordable.
  • Suitable for CPAP machine users.
  • Easy to use.


  • Poor adhesive quality.
  • Too small.
  • Adaptation period.

Is Somnifix Right for You?

Somnifix can be a good solution for you if you are a mouth snorer and regularly wake up with a dry mouth. The mouth tape can stop your snoring if you think that you can get used to sleeping with something stuck on your lips while you sleep.

The mouth tape may not be right for you if you know that you have a large mouth as they come in only one size. It may end up being uncomfortable and not work correctly if it doesn't fit properly.

Of course, the least invasive anti-snoring solutions are always the best as there is no adaptation period, and nothing stuck on your face while you sleep. If you are a snorer who is looking for a solution without the hassle of strips, straps, and mouthguards you should discover Smart Nora, the only contact-free and effective anti snore solution. 

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