Snoring Home Remedies That Actually Work

Snoring Home Remedies That Actually Work

snoring home remedies

If you’re on the lookout for snoring home remedies you’re likely one of the someone who habitually snores or is part of the partner’s club who lose sleep due to a snoring partner. It’s nothing to be ashamed of as almost 1/3rd of all Americans have trouble with snoring, but it is something you should remedy. Luckily — yes, there’s good news ahead! — Before you go take a sleep study or simply give up altogether on feeling well-rested, you can learn how to stop snoring naturally with a few techniques. You can use snoring aids or anti-snoring devices that’ll keep you dreaming the night away! But… what stops snoring naturally? Let’s find out!

How to Stop Snoring — Home Remedies For Snoring

  • Lose Weight

      snoring home remedies

      If weight gain has unexpectedly coincided with an uptick in how much you snore, it might be time to bite the bullet and shed a few of those extra pounds. When you’re overweight, excess tissue and fat in or around your neck can press against your air passages and cause the esophageal tissues to vibrate while you breathe. Is it truly a snoring home remedy? Yes. Snoring solutions aren’t always the easiest to implement, but 20 minutes of exercise each day will go a long way toward fixing your snoring and general health. 

      • Side Sleeper

      One of the simplest snoring solutions, sleeping on your side is something that can be implemented tonight. Orthopedic pillows that help you sleep on your side are one of the best snoring home remedies — a specially-designed pillow helps realign your head and neck to simply keep your airways clear while you’re sleeping by relieving excess tension in your neck and throat muscles. Airflow improves and… we might have a snoring treatment on our hands! It can take some getting used to, but it really does work.

      • Smart Devices

      If you’ve already found the perfect pillow for your comfort level and don’t want to mess with what works for you, try a 21st-century snoring treatment. Smart snoring solutions are out there — the innovative Smart Nora is a comfortable and non-invasive option that allows you to keep your favorite pillow without compromising in your battle against snoring. A microphone (called the Pebble) listens for snoring before it wakes you (or your partner). The pillow insert then inflates just enough that your neck and throat muscles engage and your airways open back up.

      • Antihistamines & Allergies

      snoring home remedies

      The simplest one of snoring home remedies comes in a tiny white pill — a simple antihistamine! When you’re congested, mucus build-up can clog your airways and cause snoring. At the same time, irritation that inflames your nasal passages can narrow your airways… the double-edged sword of snoring! Allergens and irritants in the bedroom aren’t always easy to remove (though it helps to dust and fluff your pillows in the dryer regularly), and taking a loratadine tablet in the evening can help you breathe easy, especially when that springtime pollen gets ya! Although any medications should be used as a last resort.

      • Neti Pot

      If you want to stop snoring naturally without devices while still on a budget, this snoring home remedy is an inexpensive self-care option that can help you beat your snoring. If your passages are clogged due to allergies, dust, mucus, or whatever’s found its way in there, you can rinse with a salt-water solution to clear up those airways. Try using a neti pot or other saline spray as a preventative snoring treatment and allow air to rush in freely with each breath!

      • Evening Showers

      Taking a warm shower in the evening (and blowing your nose while you’re in there) are snoring home remedies that can help clear your sinuses as well. If you normally shower in the morning, consider this — a warm shower at night helps put your body in a more relaxed state (read: ready for sleepy time) and your bed will be cleaner on a daily basis (read: less prone to dust and allergen buildup). Taking a shower is one of the easiest snoring solutions, it just takes a little shifting of your day-to-day schedule… but it’s worth it! Looking for the cheapest how to stop snoring remedies? This might be it!

      • Nasal Strips

      Nasal strips are also a simple and inexpensive snoring treatment. These are stiff strips that stick onto the bridge of your nose, lifting the nasal passages and opening them up. These help snorers whose problem starts in the nose (as opposed to from a soft palate or weight issues) but it’s relatively effective and very easy to get your hands on. Some people find that they feel strange but that’s just the feeling of breathing freely again!

      • Humidifier

      When the air in your bedroom is dry, a humidifier can help put moisture back into the air and improve your sleep quality. Most people don’t drink enough water, and a lack of natural lubricants can leave you with a dry throat — when everything is touching and sticking together in your airways, you’re going to snore more. As a snoring home remedy, humidifiers can keep your breathing passages lubricated so you can cut down on snoring. Plus, if you put in a few drops of a calming essential oil (Lavender? Jasmine?), you’ll create an association with the smell that helps you fall asleep more quickly! Double-win!

      • Quit Smoking

      snoring home remedies

      We know, we know! Easier said than done… this might be the most difficult snoring treatment but if you’re a smoker, you’re doing your sleep time a disservice. Like all irritants, smoking can cause inflammation along the tissues that line your airways, which leads to swelling and narrowing. As your airways narrow, airflow is more turbulent — if quitting smoking is not an option, try the other snoring home remedies on this list first!

      Find The Best Snoring Home Remedies For You

      Snoring home remedies range from simple and immediately achievable to difficult and long-term, but don’t fret — you can beat this! Snoring can often be conquered with just a handful of positive changes to your sleep routine. Try different snoring solutions and find out what works best for you but though it all remember -- it’s worth it. No matter what your snoring affliction is caused by, what stops snoring naturally is only a guess-and-check away, and you can always check with your doctor if you don’t feel like you’re making progress as quickly as you’d like.

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