Snore-B-Gone Mouthpiece Review

Snore-B-Gone Mouthpiece Review

snore b gone

Are you fed-up with your partner snoring? Or are you the one that’s keeping your partner awake at night with your loud noises? Snoring is a common, but annoying, habit that millions of people put up with nightly.

There’s no reason to endure snoring in your life any longer. There are numerous anti-snoring devices out there on the market today that claim to help reduce and even put a stop to snoring. They don’t all work the same way and some of them don’t work at all. 

Snore-B-Gone is one of these devices that claim to help snorers end their nighttime rambunctious sounds. Let’s take a look at what this device does and if it works. Read some comments from users to find out if it is a good option for you or your partner.

Why Do You Snore?

Snoring is unpleasant and certainly annoying to listen to. We all know that. If you’re here, then you’re probably looking for some help and you’re actively researching your alternatives. It’s a good idea to get some help if you or your partner is a nightly snorer. Because, frankly, we all want good nights of sleep every night. It’s time to take action If snoring is keeping you from getting restful sleep.

Snoring is not dangerous, but can lead to more serious health issues or other more dangerous sleep disorders like sleep apnea.

What causes you to snore? Most probably it’s your tongue and soft tissue that relax while you sleep and slide down into your throat to partially obstruct your airway. What happens when air tries to pass through a restricted passage? You got it, sounds that can be soft whistles to extremely loud grunts and rackets. 

Many factors determine the extent and noise level of snoring. Men tend to snore at a higher percentage in the population and also tend to snore louder. Factors like being overweight, smoking, and alcohol consumption can also affect snoring. 

Snoring can additionally be caused by an obstructed or congested nose. This may be temporary because of allergies or a cold, or it may be permanent because of a deviated septum or nose polyps. You will automatically switch to mouth breathing if your nose is blocked. Mouth breathing can raise your chances of snoring tremendously.

To find a good device for your snoring you need to first know which type of snorer you are. Some anti-snoring devices are created for people who snore because of an obstructed airway while others are designed to help those with blocked or congested noses.

What is Snore-B-Gone?

Snore-B-Gone is a mandibular adjustment device that is intended for snorers who have obstructed airways when they sleep. This technology has been around for several years and is a proven technique to help snorers reduce and put a stop to snoring. 

Mouthpieces are all created with the same functionality but have different features. Prices vary greatly, but most are affordable compared to other anti-snoring options like CPAP machines.

Mouthpieces, like the Snore-B-Gone, work by keeping your tongue and other soft tissue from falling back into your throat while you sleep. How does this work? You insert the mouthguard and the device keeps your lower jaw in place or in certain cases advances it slightly. This way your tongue stays put and your airways stay unobstructed. 

It’s that simple. The concept works, but it does have drawbacks like lack of comfort and other unpleasant things like drooling and jaw pain that can occur. 

Snore-B-Gone is a moldable boil-and-bite device. Once boiled, you insert the mouthguard into your mouth and bite into it as it molds to your teeth and mouth. This is aimed at optimizing comfort and fit. It claims to also have a lower mandibular jaw adjustable mechanism that you can modify in millimeters. 

What Users Are Saying - Snore-B-Gone Reviews

Unfortunately, reviews and write-ups about Snore-B-Gone are not very good. The company website is currently unavailable and most reviews claim to have had similar issues with the device and the company. 

Also, it seems that it was once distributed through third-party distributors on Amazon but is not available anymore on the giant’s website. 

Most users who bought the mouthpiece got a promo price of buy-1-get-1-free. The cost of the mouthpiece is $59.99 and they suggest you change it every month. They promote the purchase of several months’ worth of the anti-snoring device at once.

People who have ordered the device through the company website in the past have claimed that the product they received was not what the company was advertising. Most claim that it is bulky and doesn’t have the adjustable lower jaw feature that it announces. 

The customer review website Highya has a page dedicated to Snore-B-Gone user reviews and most are not favorable to the product. All reviews are 1-star and none of the feedback is positive regarding the product, the company, and customer service. 

“I could not close my mouth, it was too big. Also, I have a CPAP mask.
Bottom line, I could not use it at all. Now what?

“I couldn't find any information to get any kind of help. I have read other reviews where there is no help available, is this true?
If anyone has better information, please post. Thanks.
Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend”

“It sounded like a great deal, but when I received it and tried it for a week, I found the snoring did not stop, and it made my jaws ache. I returned it and never got my money back, less shipping and restocking fee. Save your money.
Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend”

“I received three mouthpieces. They are so BIG, Michael Jordan would have problems keeping it in his mouth all night. I have tried everything to locate a return address and phone number to return all three mouthpieces to no avail. This is very frustrating for a $149.00 purchase. Not impressed. Not at all.
Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend”

“The one in the advertisement is not what you receive. You get just a plastic boil and bite mouthguard. Report to BBB. Nowhere on their website is there a place to contact or comment on this product.
Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend”


  • Easy to use
  • Moldable
  • A proven technique to stop snoring


  • Expensive over time
  • Replace every month
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Drooling can occur
  • Painful jaw or teeth in the morning
  • Questionable company practices
  • Inexistant customer service

Snore-B-Gone Vs the Competitors

snore b gone

Snore-B-Gone doesn’t seem to rise to the level of its competitors in this anti-snoring industry category. Most mouthpiece devices on the market today are made to last longer than 1 month and are less expensive in the long run. In fact, most mouthpieces are created to last for approximately 1 year. 

The adjustable lower jaw feature is an important characteristic to have for optimal comfort. Snore-B-Gone is a moldable mouthpiece but is not adjustable as it claims.

We featured some reviews from Zquiet, SnoreRx, Vital Sleep, PureSleep, and Zyppah that all have better features and product reviews than the Snore-B-Gone mouthpiece. 


At the end of the day (literally), it comes down to a few factors when facing the decision to choose an anti-snoring solution that is right for you. 

Researching all your options is the best way to come to the best conclusion. The major cause of concern when trying out anti-snoring devices is the level of comfort obtained when using them. It all boils down to if you can sleep soundly with something in your mouth or on your face. Many people simply can’t get used to sleeping this way and the devices defeat the purpose of providing better sleep. 

The drooling and painful jaw that can sometimes happen is also another deterrent for mandibular adjustment devices. 

We wouldn’t recommend the purchase of the Snore-B-Gone device because of the inaccuracies in the marketing and the poor customer reviews.

We feel that the best way to stop snoring is to go the least invasive way. 

Nothing stuffed in your mouth, nothing taped to your nose, and nothing inserted into your nostrils. To achieve the most restful night’s sleep, it’s best when you are free to move as you wish and not be confined to mouthguards, masks, or nose strips. 

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