Good Morning Snore Solution Review

Good Morning Snore Solution Review

good morning snore solution review

The dreadful sound of snoring. We don’t know anyone who enjoys hearing their partner snore up a storm at night. Snorers can even wake themselves up and then have difficulty falling back to sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of unproductivity at work. We all know that a restful night’s sleep will allow you to wake up well-rested and ready to set out on your day with energy and a clear mind.

There are numerous options on the market that all claim to reduce snoring and even eliminate it. From huge face masks (CPAP machines) to all-natural sprays. There are countless ways to help your snoring. But what will work for you?

Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue retaining device that alleges to put an end to the nightly racket that you or your partner make. Let’s take a look at what actual users are saying about the device and if it can help relieve you or your partner of the annoying snoring. We’ve extensively gone through Good Morning Snore Solution reviews for you so you can make an educated decision by the time you get to the bottom of this article.   

What Is Good Morning Snore Solution

Good Morning Snore Solution is a tongue retaining device that helps keep your tongue from falling back into your throat while you sleep. Your snoring can be greatly diminished and even stopped if your tongue is not obstructing your airway at night. 

There are various reasons why people snore. It can be caused by a stuffy nose due to allergies or illness or it can be caused by a deviated septum among other reasons, but most snoring is caused by your muscles relaxing during sleep and your airway partially collapsing. When this happens the airway becomes partially obstructed and the air that passes causes a vibration in the throat. And voila, you snore! Knowing what type of snorer you are is imperative to finding the right treatment that will work for you.

A tongue retaining device like Good Morning Snore Solution can be a good option for you if you know that your snoring is caused by the relaxing of your tongue at night. Tongue retaining devices and anything else that you insert into your mouth before going to sleep can be quite intrusive and is not for everyone. Some people can never get used to them, while for others it takes a few nights to ease into the sensation of having something in their mouth. Truly, you don’t know which one of these you are until you actually try a device. If you are not interested in putting something on your face or in your mouth every night, there is a contact free solution that is very effective. 

Good Morning Snore Solution is smaller than other tongue retainers on the market and claims to be more comfortable than their competitors.

How Does Good Morning Snore Solution Work

This type of tongue retainer is also sometimes called a tongue stabilizing device. What Good Morning Snore Solution does is that it suctions the tip of your tongue so that it remains in the proper place while you sleep. Your chances of snoring are diminished when your tongue stays put and doesn’t fall back into your throat.

You squeeze the device and the vacuum effect suctions your tongue while the rest of the device rests on your teeth. It’s not sexy and may give your partner a chuckle. But hey, if it puts a stop to your horrible noises that keep him or her awake at night, it’s all worth it, right? 

The company conducted a controlled clinical study with a 70% user satisfaction result. 

Features and What its Made Of


The Good Morning Snore Solution device is smaller than other tongue stabilizers on the market available today, which makes it more comfortable and easier to get used to. 

Made For Everyone

Good Morning Snore Solution can be worn if you have dentures or other dental appliances like crowns for example. The device is also recommended by dentists to help teeth grinders. 

The Good Morning Snore Solution device is not adjustable but various sizes are available. 


The device is made of plastic dental resin and is BPA and BHA free. Good Morning Snore Solution is FDA, Health Canada, EU, CE, and Australian Register of Therapeutic Products approved. 

The device can last up to a year with proper care and regular cleanings.


Good Morning Snore Solution offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can send it back if you can’t get used to it or if it doesn’t help reduce your snoring. It is, however, pricier than other similar types of devices available. 

It’s listed at $104.94, but the website regularly has discounts and you can get it for $89.94.

What Are People Saying - Good Morning Snore Solution Reviews

Good Morning Snore Solution can be purchased on the company website and they ship internationally.

They have a 4.6-star rating with over 1400 reviews. 

Positive Reviews:

“This device is more comfortable than the other mouthpieces that I have tried and cuts my snoring down to tolerable according to my wife. I could wear it all night the first night, but my gums were a little sore for a couple of weeks. I recommend combining with the nose strips.”

“The mouthpiece works great and the customer service is even better!”

“With the exception of a bit of drooling works very well.”

“I ordered this for my son who sounded like a pack of fighting grizzly bears. This device is a complete MIRACLE. He makes NO noise now and said he feels much more rested. He also said his throat is no longer sore when he wakes up. Thank you, Snore Solution! Amazing product!!”

Neutral/Negative Reviews:

“The service was good, delivery prompt. I think it's a little high for what it is. it helped some the one night I used it. my problem was that saliva pools inside the thing, and when you wake up.....yeccchhhh. sorry guys--great idea, just not for me.”

“It works well when it stays put but I have had trouble keeping it in place.”

“The product works somewhat if your tongue can stay in the "pocket" all night it works pretty good, but some snoring still occurred, just not as much. If the device comes out, which it does a good bit, your back to square one.”

Common Side Effects and Complaints

Some of the most common comments about the tongue retainer device are:

  • It takes time to get used to it.
  • It causes gum pain.
  • It causes dry mouth.
  • Excessive Drooling.
  • It doesn’t stay put all night.

Is Good Morning Snore Solution Right for You?

Firstly, you need to know what type of snorer you are. You will make better decisions and have more success by determining what causes your snoring. You can always speak with your doctor or have a sleep study done if you aren’t sure. 

Who is Good Morning Snore Solution For

  • Mouth Snorer

The tongue retainer is good if you are a mouth snorer. The device will help you keep your mouth shut while you sleep. You have to be comfortable breathing through your nose though.

  • You Are Overweight

Carrying extra pounds definitely increases your chances of becoming a snorer. The tongue retainer can help you sleep better if you are overweight.

  • You Are a Denture Wearer

Denture wearers are limited in what type of mouth guards they can wear at night. Good Morning Snore Solution is a good option for you if you have dental work.

Alcohol consumption before bedtime increases your chances of snoring greatly. The alcohol relaxes your tongue and chances are you will snore up a storm even if you are not a regular snorer. 

Who is Good Morning Snore Solution Not For

Severe sleep apnea sufferers need more aggressive types of treatments and Good Morning Snore Solution is not recommended. 

  • You Have a Blocked Nose

You will not be able to use the tongue retainer if you have a blocked nose. The device keeps your mouth shut and you need to breathe easily through your nose to support the device while you sleep.

  • Have Sensitive or Unhealthy Gums

It is not recommended to use the tongue retainer since the device can irritate gums for some users.


The Good Morning Snore Solution may be a good option for you if you have tried mandibular devices or other types of mouthguards without success. This tongue retainer is smaller than most and seems to be easier to get used to according to satisfied users.

It may be worth giving your partner a few chuckles to get a restful night’s sleep. 

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