How To Deal With Getting Old

How To Deal With Getting Old

How To Deal With Getting Old

Getting old is part of the journey of life, however, that doesn’t mean most of the population is not weary of what comes along. From aches and pains to chronic illnesses that never seem to dissipate. We want to explore all the avenues of growing old, the fear of getting old, and signs attributing to our aging selves.

First “I Feel Old” Moment

Before we start to explore in depth, do you still remember when was your first time realizing that you’re getting old? Was it when kids started to call you uncle or auntie? Or was it when people ask you whether you are married yet instead of if you have a girl/boyfriend? Or was it even when you can’t have good sleep quality as before? We did our research and have found the top 10 “I feel old” moments: 

  1. Can’t stay up late anymore - the body seriously cannot take it.
  2. Lose interests in new things - think they are kind of a waste of time.
  3. Start being called “sir” or “ma’am” - oh god, do I look old?
  4. See peers get married and had babies - aka no more hanging out with you.
  5. Find it hard to lose the big belly - your metabolism is just getting slower and slower.
  6. Find that your parents are starting to slow down, limp, forget - as you get older, so are your they.
  7. Look in the mirror and find grey hair - maybe you need hair coloring.
  8. Lost excitement about birthdays - only kids will crave birthdays and birthday gifts, right?
  9. Can’t help to look at old photos and videos - feel that time flies.
  10. Forgetting what a VHS tape actually does - so what is a VHS tape?

Signs of Getting Old From Your Body

What are the signs that point out you are getting old? What should we look out for and how can we prolong our health? Here are a few signs you should be on the lookout for:

  • Memory Loss
  • Skin loses elasticity
  • Chronic pain seems to seep in
  • Muscle cramps from sitting, lying down, or standing for too long
  • Losing hair (this is when our bodies stop producing so much collagen)
  • Struggling to lose weight
  • Metabolism slows
  • Hearing loss
  • Growing more hair in places we don’t want to

The list is fairly long and depending on what ailments are currently plaguing you, a number of things can contribute to age.

What Does Growing Older Mean?

How To Deal With Getting Old

Numerous factors can come into play as we age. An old sports injury now becomes an arthritis nuisance. Or all those years of taking joy from a recreational sport, now leave you feeling sore the next couple of days. What can be done to ward away some of the “I don’t want to get old” worries and sensations? Do we simply allow our bodies to decline, but somehow gracefully?

Truly, there is no knowledgeable book out there that says do this or do that.

As they say, knowledge is power, and for this century, we have acquired more than enough to start understanding what aging entails. People are living well into their triple digits, 40 is the new 20, and 60 is the new 40. So what are we missing here?

Generational Fear of Getting Old

Some of this fear may be left over from previous generations. Hearing stories about hardships when we are younger, can leave a type of blueprint for what we can expect out of our own aging years. However, as technology advances further, we may need to change our perspective outlook overall. Getting old has an entirely different meaning than it did 20 years ago.

Each decade comes and goes, yet researchers find more theories pertaining to elderly illnesses and issues. However, it may be that exact thought to keep in mind… “theories”. While we do not intend to ask anyone to turn a blind eye, research is the basis of a “what if” possibility. Not that their research has become imminent proof overnight.

Does the American Dream Cancel Out Our Childlike Wonder?

Maybe the biggest debate of all… as we grow we aim for the American Dream (or an overall dream out parents had) thus, does this cancel out our own imagination? All is well when we are children because we have so much time until we worry about growing old. High school turns into college, and then a career, family, and so on. Yet, for millennials, they are finding a different route. Certainly, the world does not work in the same way it did half a century ago. Nowadays, people are finding a simpler acquirement when it comes to living longer. Eating healthier, drinking more water, acquiring the right amount of exercise and vitamins. Most would imply that 2020 is the year of the fitness explosion.

Besides settling down with a house payment and a family. Others are taking their families on traveling adventures and building tiny homes. Furthermore, many individuals are waiting to start families well into their late 30’s to early 40’s. Whether there is a correct way of addressing the family homestand debate or not, it does seem that waiting to start a family may be a health benefit.

By challenging our childlike wonder into a possible lifestyle, does this allow us to stop premature aging? Why you may ask? It is the one thing that everyone has in common when they set out to follow their passion in life which makes them happier.

And to sustain a longer lifespan, being generally happy is the main benefit. 


How To Deal With Getting Old

Did prevention seem too harsh of a word to use for growing older, instead of how about self-care? Identifying how your body responds to certain foods, along with exercise can help sustain a younger look.

Face creams, serums, diets, plastic surgery, and so on will always make the rounds when it comes to shielding our true age. This also comes in at a time when scientists are working with artificial intelligence to work out a method of stopping aging altogether. However, the length of time that may take still remains to be seen.

The question of “I don’t want to get old” falls into a single category… what is it that we are afraid of? It may be in this questioning that death, family, regrets, and vanity could come to mind. Is it possible that within the fear of growing older, our own mental state of well being comes into question? Did we take enough time to care for ourselves? Perhaps these are the questions we should be asking ourselves.

To Fear or Not to Fear

Independently our solid answer would be to not be fearful of age. Yet, we still get up every morning to apply that face serum to preserve our skin. Is it the fear of waking up one morning and not seeing the youthful face we once had? Absolutely. But that in itself is normal. The fear of aging is perfectly normal because everyone goes through it. That’s a scientific fact, everyone grows older.

An important lesson when it comes to the fear of getting older is to let go. Like the classic line from most films, you have to let go to truly be free and happy. Likewise, the concept of getting old is somewhere along the same lines. It does not matter if we get wrinkles, or if that old sports injury starts acting up during the cold season, or if many other things start becoming problematic. Growing old is inevitable. However, while we still have our wits, it comes down to our own thinking. Will we let aging become a factor to weigh heavy on our minds or learn to enjoy it

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