The Snoring Solution Everybody’s Raving About

| Thursday, Nov 14th, 2019 | Oviene Kurniawan / Health and Wellness → Reviewed & Approved

Smart Nora Snoring Solution
For thousands of snorers, there’s finally a solution that doesn’t require chewing on a gross mouth guard or stuffing your tongue into a silicon grip just to get a few hours of shuteye. Snorers of the world owe it to their partners — and their own health — to curb their noisy affliction. Now, many are turning to Smart Nora, an anti-snoring device that promises to “kick snoring out of the bedroom.” And they’re ecstatic about it.

So… what’s this snoring solution everybody’s raving about?

It’s no secret why Smart Nora has become so popular in the last few years — it works.

Smart Nora is particularly fascinating because it is the only contact-free, comfort-driven snoring solution on the market — and people are raving about it. It’s got a few key points going for it that other options don’t:

  • Nothing goes on your face or in your mouth
  • It’s completely unobtrusive
  • Easy to use and customizable
  • Proven to work by 3rd party studies
  • It looks handsome in the bedroom
smart nora snoring solution
Smart Nora has been bringing restful nights to tens and thousands of couples.


Here’s how the device works: 

Smart Nora listens for early sounds of snoring through a sleek, mounted bluetooth microphone (called the pebble), then silently and gently raises the user’s head with a lightweight, padded insert that sits under the pillow.

The slight movement of the head stimulates the throat muscles, allowing for natural breathing to resume, helping the partner and the snorer sleep through the night.

Smart Nora is a wholly different approach than other snoring solutions — it actually takes the user’s convenience and enjoyment into account as much as it focuses on solving the problem. Not only does the concept work to eliminate snoring, the aesthetic and feeling (or lack thereof) of using it are something to be noted. Nothing else in the anti-snoring market can really compete.
Smart Nora Snoring Solution

 The padded insert that creates an inflation to raise the user’s head.



And when it rains, it pours — Smart Nora has garnered some pretty great press from folks all over the map.

This snoring solution has fast-tracked to the coveted “Oprah’s Favorite Things” list. Yes, that Oprah.

In Oprah’s guide, she wrote, “if you sleep with a snorer, you're going to love the Smart Nora. It eliminates the need to elbow someone in the ribs to get him or her (him!) to stop. The Nora senses snores and gently pumps air into a pillow insert, shifting the snorer's head and neck to help them breathe easier (quieter!).

smart nora snoring solution
With it’s sleek design, you won’t even notice it in your bedroom.

Tack all that to a handful of other publications raving about a better night of sleep (like Men’s Health, Forbes and Good Morning America) and you might start feeling like a fool not giving Smart Nora a try. 

Smart Nora has been validated by SleepScore Labs as an effective snoring solution, one of the leading researchers of sleep science-related products. In SleepScore Labs’ Validation Study of 58 participants using 537 nights of data, 6 scientists concluded that “Smart Nora can help both snorers and their partners in getting better sleep as a result of decreased snoring.

It’s tough to argue with these kind of results, but it’s the 1000’s of personal testimonials from Smart Nora fans that resonate the most.

Seemed to work for me right away. More importantly my wife hasn’t been awakened by me at night.” — Smart Nora user John

I have used mine for 2 nights now and oh my god, it’s incredible. Definitely worth the money!” — Smart Nora user Sonya


smart nora snoring solutionSnore free nights are a tap away. 

Skeptical? With free shipping +returns and a 30-day money back guarantee, you can get the chance to see if it’ll work for you without the stress of committing. If you don’t like it, return it! But there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be too well-rested and productive to even consider that option — Smart Nora is a life-changer for those afflicted with chronic snoring. Go ahead, treat yourself to a good night’s sleep. If you’re the kind of person who’s missing out on productivity, forgetting what you ate for dinner last night, or even just skipping the occasional evening with friends because you feel like you’re too tired to have fun — try Smart Nora tonight and turn your nightlife around.


Smart Nora Snoring Solution


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