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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Nora different from other snoring solutions?
Nora interrupts snoring with a fundamentally different method compared to other snoring solutions. Nora uses a gentle movement to stimulate the upper throat muscles and let your breathing go back to normal, without waking you up. This movement only starts when you are about to snore to prevent you from going into a loud snoring episode.
Other solutions attempt to reduce snoring by putting your head in a specific position (like specialty pillows), by physically moving your jaw and tongue (like Mandibular Repositioning Devices), or by waking up the snorer, all of which are unfortunately uncomfortable or expensive methods.
Is Nora suggested for those with sleep apnea?
Nora is a non-medical device that reduces snoring. Those with apnea can use Nora to reduce their snoring but should not think of it as a replacement for treatments prescribed by their physician.
Can I use my own pillow with Nora?
Yes. Nora is designed to work with your favorite pillow. The slow movement of Nora’s insert is transferred through the pillow to your head, so the thickness, shape, or softness of your pillow doesn’t effect Nora’s performance.
Is Nora slowly moving my pillow all night long?
No. Nora only activates when you are about to start snoring loud enough to wake up your partner.
Can Nora differentiate between a noise machine and snoring?
Yes. Nora activates when your snoring is about to get louder than the ambient noise level in your room. Ambient noise can be regular sounds like a fan, traffic, an AC unit, or a white noise machine; so if you sleep better with mild background noises, you can continue to do so.
Does Nora need to be plugged into power all the time?
You can leave Nora plugged in while at home, so that it’s always charged and ready to go when you bring it on trips.
How long does the battery last on one charge?
Nora's pebble works for at least two weeks on a single charge. You can use the entire unit for at least one night without charging the battery.
Is there a warranty for Nora?
Yes. Nora comes with a one-year limited warranty, from the date of receiving it, which protects you against manufacturing defects. For further details on the limited warranty, please read our Warranty Policy.
Does Nora have a return policy?
Yes. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return Nora to us in its original condition within thirty (30) days from the date of receiving it for a full refund. For best results, we recommend using Nora for 7–14 consecutive nights, as the experience can vary from one person to the next. To initiate a return, simply send an email to us at