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Smart Nora

The contact-free snoring solution
No mouth guards, nose strips, or straps. The comfortable solution has arrived.


Why do we snore?

When we fall asleep, our neck and throat muscles relax which partially collapses our airways and causes the vibrations in our throat.

How Smart Nora Works

When snoring is detected throughout the night, Smart Nora starts a gentle movement in the pillow insert. This stimulates the throat muscles, allowing for natural breathing to resume, helping the partner and the snorer sleep through the night.

Smart Nora
$359.00 USD
$329.00 USD

Due to popular demand, orders will ship in 12 weeks from the date of purchase.

30-Night Trial, Risk-Free

Take 30-night from the time you receive Smart Nora to try it for yourself. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we'll send you a pre-paid shipping label and provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

Free Shipping and Returns

Free shipping and returns with every order. Due to popular demand, your order will be shipped to you in 12 weeks by international courier. We do not ship to P.O. boxes.

1-Year Limited Warranty

Smart Nora comes with a one-year limited warranty, starting from the date it is delivered to you. It protects you against manufacturing defects. For further details on the limited warranty, please read our Warranty Policy

Appropriate Use

Smart Nora is intended to detect snoring and reduce snoring sounds by slowly moving the user’s pillow by means of adjusting the volume of the air-inflated Pillow Insert. The device is indicated for those whose periodic snoring causes their partners to wake up. The device is not indicated for diagnosis or treatment of sleep apnea or any other disease.

World’s most comfortable and contact-free snoring solution

Smart Nora has improved the sleep of tens and thousands of couples around the world. Stop snoring in comfort when you set up this device in your bedroom as you do not need to worry about it coming in contact with any part of your body.