How Smart Nora Works

Throughout the night Nora listens for early sounds of snoring. Nora doesn't move your pillow until deep breathing or very faint snores are detected. Nora then creates a gentle movement by inflating the pad under your pillow. This movement stops the snore before it gets loud and wakes up your partner. 

How Smart Nora Works

The gentle motion of the pillow stimulates the throat muscles, allowing for natural breathing to resume. After the first few nights this motion fades into the background and doesn't wake up the snorer anymore. The result is a peaceful sleep for everyone.


Overnight Effect of Using Smart Nora

An overnight comparison illustrates the aggregate effect of using Nora: the volume of snoring is reduced to a level below what wakes a sleeping partner.

Overnight effect of using Smart Nora

It's tough to argue with these kind of results, but it's the 1000's of personal testimonials from Smart Nora fans that resonate the most.

Seemed to work for me right away. More importantly my wife hasn’t been awakened by me at night.” — Smart Nora user John

I have used mine for 2 nights now and oh my god, it’s incredible. Definitely worth the money!” — Smart Nora user Sonya

Hear The Difference

Watch Nora in action and hear the difference in our testers' snoring volume.


Who Is Smart Nora For?

Smart Nora is intended to rely on the detection of sounds consistent with snoring to slowly move the user’s pillow as an aid in reducing snoring. The device is indicated for those whose periodic snoring causes their partners to wake up. The device is not indicated for diagnosis or treatment of sleep apnea or any other condition or disorder.

Smart Nora Snoring Solution


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