What is The Best Snoring Solution in 2022?

What is The Best Snoring Solution in 2022?


Finding an appropriate snoring solution may seem like a difficult task, but in today’s quick-fix marketplace there are many different options for how to solve your snoring problem. But you’re the savvy shopper — you don’t want many different options, you want one great option — you want the best snoring solution! So with so many options out there, from mouth guards to chin straps, how do you figure out what to use? The perfect snoring remedies that work need to be comfortable, contact-free, free from long-lasting negative effects, and simple to use. Easy enough, right?

You can surely picture the scene: you and your partner climb into bed in the evening, exhausted from a long day, and as a heavy but courteous snorer, you reach to your bedside table for the tool that will help you (and your partner) get a full night of sleep, uninterrupted by the sonorous snorts of your affliction. What do you reach for? Think about it. What goes on your face or in your mouth to help you stop snoring? Are you happy to use it every night? Chances are, you’re not.

Around 44 percent of men and 28 percent of women are habitual snorers — it’s nothing to be ashamed of but yeah, it can contribute to poor sleep quality. Heavy snoring can wake your partner (that’s not fair now, is it?) and even heavier snoring can wake you. There are lots of products that have been on the market for years but despite it being the 21st century, the technology has scarcely been updated for your comfort.

The Best Snoring Device for 2022

Introduced in 2017 (and still on the rise as one of the most popular ways to stop snoring immediately), the Smart Nora was born. This snoring solution is the first contact-free, truly comfort-driven option for stopping your snoring from ruining you and your partner’s nights. It’s silent, allows you to keep your own pillow, and doesn’t require attaching something to your face. Can it be true?


Perhaps most important to the overall quality of your nighttime ritual and personal comfort, Smart Nora is the first (and only) reputable contact-free snoring solution. An underlying issue with most of the options for how to fix snoring is that they require you to change your sleep habits to fit with their solution and not the other way around. A mouth guard goes over your teeth, a chin strap wraps around your head… with Smart Nora, what you get is the ability to sleep the way you like to sleep — you keep your comfort and still rid of your snoring.

Keep It Simple, Silly

Smart Nora listens for early sounds of snoring, then silently and gently, moves your head using a lightweight, padded insert that sits under your pillow. The slight movement of the head stimulates the throat muscles allowing for natural breathing to resume helping the partner and the snorer sleep through the night.

It’s contact-free. In fact, once you’ve customize it, you rarely have to touch it at all unless you’re traveling with it! The concept behind Smart Nora is that instead of forcing your body to do something different — breathing only through your nose, holding your jaw shut, etc. — it will only react when there is an early sign of snoring. If you’re not snoring, it’s appropriately inactive, but the moment you are beginning to breath heavily or snore, the inflation cycle begins and your problem is alleviated before it even becomes a problem.

Comfort Without Compromise

Comfort is the key to sleeping through the night — A huge plus with this snoring solution is that you don’t need to invest in an anti-snoring pillow to cradle your head in a weird way that might not be compatible with how you like to sleep. There’s no need to shove a goofy nasal vent into your nostrils or wake up to find your mouthguard has fallen out of your mouth and gotten lost in your sheets again… yuck! Smart Nora is simply more comfortable than the other options. All you do is to place the pillow insert under the pillow you already love and voila! You get to keep the level of comfort you’re accustomed to and you and your partner get to keep the quality of sleep you deserve.

How Do They Do It!?

Smart Nora uses a fundamentally-different approach than other snoring solutions — instead of trying to force an unnatural change such as pulling your jaw forward it stimulates the throat muscles to restore the airway naturally. The Pebble listens for the first signs of a snore coming on. As soon as you unleash your first little stuttering snuffle, the inflatable pillow insert gently fills with air. The gentle motion of the pillow rising stimulates your upper throat and neck muscles -- activating these muscles opens your airways, effectively ceasing your snoring. Without waking you, the device gently deflates once your natural breathing pattern resumes, allowing you to continue sleeping. Stay deep in your dreams, no disrupted sleep cycles here.

No Side Effects

Smart Nora doesn’t have any side effects like other snoring solutions do. With a mouth guard, you run the risk of shifting your teeth/bite or causing gum recession. If you don’t keep your mouth guard meticulously clean it can also lead to tooth decay. A chin strap can cause headaches, discomfort and skin irritation. The freedom to escape from your snoring problem without having to worry if you’re doing (semi-) permanent damage somewhere else? That’s a real solution. Nothing is physically adjusting your face into a new shape, and with the innovative pillow insert design, you can sleep in any position that suits you: stomach, side, or back — it’s always effective. Let your body rest the way it naturally wants to.

It’s Simple to Use

Nora comes with three main parts. You place the padded insert under your pillow. Place the Pebble on your nightstand and store the silent base unit under your bed. You are all set in three easy steps. In addition you can customize Nora to find your optimal setting if the default setting is not right for you. 

Adjustable to Your Sleep Style

Smart Nora has a sensitivity and inflation settings that let you customize the it to your liking. Is it picking up your dog’s snore? Simply turn down the sensitivity on the pebble.  A bluetooth connection runs between the pebble and the base unit (no loose cables or electronics next to your head), and if you’re traveling there’s a rechargeable battery that will last through the night! If you and your partner like to chat before you fall asleep, simply press a button for a 30-minute delay before the Smart Nora kicks in and does its miracle work.

That’s All, Folks!

With its innovative approach to solving snoring, Smart Nora is the best of the best snoring solutions available on the market today — a breakout amongst the bothersome and obnoxious, the sticky and stinky, the disruptive and downright goofy. This is a way to take back your sleep without compromise. You’ll get the sleep you deserve, your partner will get the sleep they deserve, and won’t have to concede to being uncomfortable to do it. Treat yourself!

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