The Benefits Of Sleeping Outdoors


The outdoors might not be for everyone but the fresh breeze circulating in your lungs must feel refreshingly different from the city air that you’re used to. Doesn’t it feel good to escape high rise buildings, speeding cars, angry pedestrians and hide under the stars in nature? In fact, sleeping under the stars can do wonders for your mind and body.

Exposure to natural light

The best thing to do first thing in the morning is to expose yourself to natural light. Whether it is opening the blinds or stepping out onto your balcony, that is the best wakeup call to your body. Therefore, this is a huge advantage when sleeping outdoors as the natural light will expose your body to nature’s glow, naturally waking you and resetting your body clock to its natural circadian rhythm. If we expose our body to more natural light and less to electrical light from devices and light bulbs, our body will feel more alert and refreshed in the morning when we wake up.

Change of melatonin levels

When your body senses that it is getting dark outside, it produces melatonin, the hormone which regulates sleep and wakefulness. But we all struggle with those nights when we need to watch one more episode or read one more chapter. The exposure to fluorescent lights will hinder the process of falling asleep and also the production of melatonin. For this reason, taking a break from the screens while being outdoors is the key factor that will improve this process and give you a better night’s rest.

Fresh air improves brain and body functioning

Have you ever stepped outside to take in a big breath of fresh air and feel a little better afterward? There is a reason for that! Your brain uses a large amount of the oxygen breathed in, so the better the air quality, the better it works. A few nights spent with the fresh air in the outdoors will improve your ability to think. In contrast, if you often stay inside an air-conditioned room, the stale air can slow your metabolism and lead to lethargy.

Reduces stress

A study by the Journal of Environment and Behaviour has shown that just by looking at real-life trees or pictures of trees can reduce stress in individuals. Being in the outdoors has shown tremendous positive effects on physical and mental health. A study has shown that being in nature can lower the risk of depression. So that is why spending a night outdoors is a good escape from your mind to wind down and soak in nature at its finest.

Reconnect with yourself

The one priceless takeaway when you venture into nature is having the quality time with yourself. Under the circumstances of routines, commitments to work, family, and friends, it is almost impossible to find time for yourself these days. So the next time you need to wind down, consider spending a night under the stars to reap the health benefits of sleeping outdoors.

Sleeping outdoors does have its benefits, but do not overlook the quality of sleep you are getting at home. It is the simple changes such as reducing screen time and opening the blinds in the morning, that make a big impact on your sleep quality. Make sure you are getting the restful nights you deserve and that nothing is hindering you from that, not even the sound of your spouse’s snoring.

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