Tech Is Not The Enemy, It Might Be Your New Best Friend

Technology is notorious for having harmful effects on sleep. Dim lights, comfortable sheets, a quiet environment and no gadgets within arms reach is the optimal sleep environment to boost melatonin production and induce sleepiness.

Gadgets that emit blue light that trick the brain into thinking it is still daylight is especially harmful for sleep. Despite technology staining your glorious sleep rituals (only because you let it), it can in turn become your new best friend.

As Eight Sleep’s article The 10 Best Gadgets For Sleep  states that, As our society struggles to get enough sleep year after year, technology seems to be the only answer. It has improved almost every aspect of our lives, so why not leverage it to help us get a good night's sleep”. Fatherly’s Smart Gadgets Designed to Help You Get Better Sleep also mentions a handful of gadgets that provides leverage for a good night’s sleep.

As sleep falls under the umbrella of health and wellness, ZDnet’s Best tech gadgets to get you fit and healthy highlights some must haves for the tech savvy and healthy individual. It is essential to balance sleep, fitness and diet and these gadgets will improve your lifestyle.

In this era of continually advancing technology, you can never escape from the trendy gadgets to a good night’s sleep. See us featured us on PCMag’s The Best Technology for Getting a Good Night's Sleep and Sleep Authority’s Sleep Gadgets That You Could Only Dream Of When You Were A Kid along with the wide variety of products available to enhance your sleep.

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