Snore Deniers and Detectives: A Match Made for Smart Nora, Part 1

Snore Deniers and Detectives: A Match Made for Smart Nora, Part 1

A good night’s sleep can be difficult to achieve. So many variables can affect our sleep: mattress and pillow firmness, light, temperature and humidity - the list goes on. Particularly, our sleep can be instantly interrupted by excess noise, such as snoring. The reverberations produced by snorers can wake up their loved ones, and even themselves.
Snorers are often unaware of the extent of their snoring and the effect it has on their partner’s sleep. It can sometimes prove difficult to convince a partner that they do, in fact, snore. When people are asleep, they’re not conscious enough to hear themselves snore. Because of this, snorers can easily deny the issue. Even snorers that disrupt their own sleep can deny or not fully realize the effect it’s having on their partner’s and their own sleep!
When a snorer is willing to seek out a solution with their loved one, the quality of sleep for both partners can potentially improve. Brian, a recent friend of Smart Nora, shared his story with us:

“I was a little skeptical about Smart Nora, but my wife has had to leave the bed every night for the last several months in order to get away from my snoring. I would wake up 4 or 5 times in the night, I didn't even really know it was my snoring that was waking me up….
Most nights I'm not even aware the device is doing anything. From the first night, I slept great and my wife hasn't had to leave to get sleep. There was nothing for me to get used to because it is so gentle. My wife hasn't slept on the couch since I got it. I only wake up about once a night now. My wife says I do snore a little still, but it isn't enough to bother her. I noticed that I am having dreams again that I remember when I wake up, so I must be getting into deeper stages of sleep than I was achieving before using Smart Nora….
I'm glad I have it. I sleep way better and so does my wife.”
After admitting that his snoring was an issue, Brian moved towards finding a solution that benefitted both partners. This isn’t always an easy step to make! We’ve heard from many Smart Nora fans who’ve shared with us how their partner’s were initially reluctant to admit the extent of their snoring.
For partners of snorers, they have to do some more work to convince their snoring partner’s that the nocturnal symphony is a major issue. Some just share their thoughts on social media and others to matters in their own hands by gathering evidence! Here are some Tweets and Instagrams to prove that the struggle to get a good night’s sleep is real:

@candyandi1 in Utah posted on Instragram: “One of my favorite Snaps! Love you Babe and you're worth every sleepless night!!❤️😴 #snoring #sawinglogs#sleeplessnights #loveyoualways❤️”.


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