Smart Nora at Sun Life Digital Health Expo

We are excited to share that we’re a part of Sun Life’s new digital health community. You’ll find us in the Discovery lab - a marketplace that features discounts on health-related apps, products and services.

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On June 26th, we had the opportunity to introduce Smart Nora to the sleep routines of many at the Sun Life Digital Health Expo.

Products ranged from healthy fruit bars, hip glasses and pet services to cool apps and snoring solutions *ehem*. We had a great day meeting people and seeing their reactions to our snoring solution. Here are some of our favorite quotes from those who came up to our booth:
“Enough said. Going on my Tinder profile right now”
“Where was this 10 years ago?”
“OMG! Lifesaver”
“An investment in my future marriage”
“This will allow me to get married one day”
“My boyfriend snores like a bear”

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your snoring woes.

Smart Nora Snoring Solution


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