Smart Nora at Behind The Product

Last month, our CEO, Behrouz Hariri, had the honour of being one of the speakers at Behind The Product. Behind the Product is a Toronto based meet-up that focuses on ‘how’ the product was designed, along with sharing stories, challenges and lessons learned from exposing new products to many different industries across the globe.

The journey from Smart Nora’s early prototype days in the garage to having a growing team in a downtown office space has been an exciting one. Here are some of the highlights from the talk:

How was Smart Nora designed?
  • The idea sprouted from the mind of a snorer, who happens to also be a passionately driven engineer.
  • Smart Nora is based on the simple yet innovative concept of nudging. Instead of having to nudge the snorer countless times, Smart Nora does that for you. It is designed to be silent throughout the night and will not wake the snorer or the partner.
  • The first prototype was given to friends and family who tested the product and did not want to give it back!
What were the challenges faced?
  • The process of choosing the right factory in China as being on opposite sides of the globe was a challenge in itself.
  • Convincing people that $300 is worth it to spend on an anti-snoring device. Instead of spending money on inexpensive and invasive products. There really is nothing to lose with Smart Nora’s 30 day trial program with a 100% return and refund guarantee.
What were the lessons learned?
  • Do not cheer on the idea but be skeptical about your product. Listen to friends, friends of friends and be your biggest critic.
  • Take home a few products after being produced in a factory. Observe it in a natural environment to ensure that everything is polished and without defects.

A big thank you to Behind The Product for having us and to everyone who came to the event. We enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. 

Oh and if you happen to know snorer, you know we got your back ;)

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