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In the past few months, Nora has arrived in thousands of bedrooms around the world. We are proud to have delivered a robust and accurate product. Number of technical failures for first shipment of Nora are way below industry norms (less than 0.5% problems reported). Of course, this would have been impossible if we had rushed the manufacturing process. Due to popular demand, Nora is on back order, which means customer's can still place their order now to reserve their spot. We are always working to speed up the delivery times to keep up with the demand. Before your Nora arrives, customers will receive an email reminder that Nora is coming!
If you have already received your Nora and have any questions about set-up, or adjusting your Nora for your sleep habits, please get in touch with us at Helping you get a great night's sleep is our priority and we are always happy to hear from you about your experience using Nora. We especially want to hear from you if you would like to achieve better results from your Nora. We have helped many customers who were not initially able to achieve their expected results by troubleshooting via email or setting up a quick phone call to discuss Nora's settings, your room environment and sleeping habits.
We have received a lot of great feedback from Nora owners around the world. Every time we hear about great sleep gained somewhere in the world it makes our day! Here's some of the public feedback we have received. You can also read more feedback from Nora customers on our Review page. 
Any questions? Get in touch at We look forward to helping you get better sleep!

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