Love Letters to Smart Nora

Love Letters to Smart Nora

Since the start of 2017, Nora has served up fresher mornings and quieter nights to tens of thousands of people around the world! But how does improved sleep change people’s lives? Everyone knows that getting more sleep means feeling more awake, energized and ready to tackle our busy lives, but few of us take the time to address the very things that disrupt our sleep. 
We asked Moms, Dads, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and wives about how sleeping more has changed their mornings, their relationships, and their overall health. The response? They told us that they’re waking up an hour earlier in the mornings and feeling more energetic. 
Michael from New York has told us how he's now waking up more energized after getting more sleep: "I can say that I do feel more alert and have, as of last week, begun an exercise program once again because I do feel more alert and less groggy as I had been feeling."

JoAnna in Texas has told us that she used to wake up "to a chainsaw sound in my ear" and that laying awake angrily and then sleeping in the spare room was a common occurrence. Here's JoAnna's experience in her words: "You have literally given me some life. I don't walk around in a haze all day from not sleeping and I may not have to take ambien anymore soon. Thank you, Thank You. And if you're reading this, thinking of buying, DO IT!!!".

Waking up refreshed and energized is a total game changer! It changes your mood, demeanor, and concentration for the whole day. Andi, another fan of Nora shares this with us:
"Now, I feel better in the morning, more rested. I don't feel like napping anymore in the afternoons. I used to think that was my normal!" Andi from Indiana. 

Jin in California bought Smart Nora for his Mom and had this to say, "She's now happier than ever - no more headache or fatigue after long hours of sleep. Thank you so much for wonderful product!". We think it's time for you to 


So, no more headache or fatigue, and more energy... that sounds pretty great to us! Maybe it's time for you to upgrade your bedroom too. 

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