3 DIY Headboards You Can Make Today!

3 DIY Headboards You Can Make Today!

diy headboard

Sometimes you find yourself with a glut of extra time on your hands and realize it’s handyman time, at least to pass time in a productive way. And hey, if you’re like most folks, you’re looking to catch up on some zzzs, maybe spending a little extra time relaxing in bed reading, playing Animal Crossing, or watching the Rhododendrons bloom outside the bedroom window. In any case, it’s as good a time as any to get some do-it-yourself projects underway, so let’s kick things off in the bedroom with a DIY headboard project to boost your bedroom’s comfort level. We’ve compiled a list of our 3 favorite DIY headboard projects around the internet (as well as a few tips) so you can get your construction game on.

TIP #1

The most important part of making a DIY headboard is not skill or ability, it’s creativity and determination! It’s always helpful to remember that every single thing we use is made by machines or humans and before machines everything was made by humans—sometimes we collectively forget that we all harness the ability to do things like making a DIY headboard or keep bees or grow vegetables. You can learn the skills to make stuff, you might just need to practice a bit to get there!

So, without further ado… 3 DIY Headboards You Can Make Today!

Minimal DIY Plywood Shelf Headboard

diy headboard

Let’s start with a DIY headboard that’s pretty minimal. Sometimes you just need to carve out that extra space to make your bedroom aesthetic shine while still keeping a low profile. And what’s a lower profile than laying down? This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to build the easiest DIY headboard in the world—an inspired minimalist, yet sophisticated, natural wood (dare we say Scandinavian?) headboard with built in shelves that you can decorate (plants around your bed are great for airflow) or put your favorite IG-88 and Bossk Star Wars action figures on (maybe that’s just me). Built in shelving means always having your bedside goodies nearby and, if you play your cards right, can eliminate the need for nightstands, freeing up some floor space for a better bedroom feng shui flow. Budget friendly, simple, and elegant.

🔗 https://mrkate.com/2017/04/20/diy-minimalist-plywood-shelf-headboard/

TIP #2

Yes, we get it—it can be intimidating to upholster! But remember, there are ample tutorials out there on Youtube that can help you get the basics down. Upholstery isn’t nearly as difficult as you’d think it would be. The folks at Architectural Digest know how easy it is and Octane Seating has some great pdf resources for the beginner upholsterer.

IKEA Hack Your Way to a New Bedroom Aesthetic

Want something a little bit more… padded? Just because it’s a DIY headboard doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with upholstery! If you’ve never done any upholstery before, you can still make this bedroom booster—it’ll give you a comfortable space to rest your back against (readers, unite!) as well as providing another sound-catching soft barrier. This DIY headboard is actually an IKEA hack, put together by furniture designer Katy Skelton (we can’t always make everything from scratch) and it’s very doable; starting with a cheap pine frame from IKEA, cotton batting, upholstery fabric, and not much more than that, you can have this luxurious, simple bedroom addition done by the end of the day. And with a materials cost so low, you can afford to experiment. One afternoon of do-it-yourself mayhem, 1,000 nights of relaxation!

🔗 https://www.lonny.com/Ikea+Hack+DIY+Upholstered+Headboard/articles/FsBuqFPhcW2/What+You+ll+Need

TIP #3

You will need an essential toolkit for DIY Headboards. No matter what headboard project you’re ready to undertake, there are a few trusty tools you’ll want to add to your repertoire. And if you can afford it, upgrade from your IKEA set to something a little sturdier—you don’t want your tools wimping out on you halfway through a project. Here are a couple things to make sure you’ve got in your tool belt: a wood saw, utility knife (for cutting batting and fabric), good scissors (ask the oldest lady at your local craft store: she knows!), a staple gun (for upholstering, preferably easy to squeeze), a power drill, a rubber mallet, and maybe some clamps (for holding stuff in place while you work). The only other thing you’ll need is to believe in yourself!

A DIY Headboard with a Midcentury Twist

Brady Tolbert posted his design for a “Channel Tufted Headboard” back in 2016 and it’s still one of the best DIY headboard projects on the internet—a gorgeous, looks-like-there’s-no-way-you-made-it-yourself mid century modern piece of furniture that spans the whole wall. Truly, it’s a statement piece, and when you go DIY, you get to make your own statement: “Yes, I made this myself!” The folds create a gorgeous texture, the padding makes it something you can lean on, and if you want to, you can put a couple plants up on top or a framed painting to really bring it all together. 7 ingredients, including the tools. If you’re feeling up to the challenge (and it’s honestly not that much of a challenge), you could end up with something really unique that’ll have you begging for bedtime.

🔗 https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/bradys-diy-channel-tufted-headboard

You Can Make Anything!

diy headboard

So what do you think? Continue leaning against that cold hard plaster wall or create something that’s truly a work of art, something you’ve made yourself with your own two hands? It’s never the wrong time to try new things, build something, and learn a new skillMaking a DIY headboard is one of the easiest ways to start exploring building your own furniture. Not only that, it’s a wonderful way to be proud of the space you live in. And when the dust settles, you’ll find yourself ready to go to bed, drifting into the deep sleep of success—that DIY headboard project the first of many.

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