10 Peculiar Sleeping Habits Of Famous People In History

Einstein slept for 10 hours while Da Vinci took brief periods of snooze time throughout the day. Whether you are a monophasic, polyphasic, insomniac, parasomniac or all of the above (if that’s even possible), you will definitely associate with at least one of history’s most notable figures.
  1. Marie Currie

The Polish and naturalized French physicist was known as a workaholic and sleep was not on her top list of priorities. She preferred to spend her hours studying and working rather than sleeping. Curie also slept with a jar of radium beside her pillow which eventually led to her death.

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci

One of history’s well known figures follows the polyphasic process of sleep, also referred to the “uberman” sleep schedule. He sleeps for short periods of time, no less than 20 minutes but no longer than 2 hours several times during the day.

  1. Nikola Tesla

The inventor of the A/C and a mind full of great inventions, Tesla has always had a rough relationship with sleep. He only slept for two hours per night and had short naps during the day. But despite his lack of sleep, he managed to create an abundance of inventions.

  1. Charles Dickens

A writer and insomniac, Dickens tried a few odd tricks to get to sleep. He had his bed facing north because he believed it improved his creativity. He would also walk through the streets of London and go quite the distance until sunrise, an indicator that it was time for him to sleep.

  1. Albert Einstein

Our favourite genius had a sleeping regime anyone would be ecstatic to follow. He slept for 10 hours during the night and would have daytime naps. So I guess if you want to follow Einstein’s footsteps, make sure to follow his sleep routine too!

  1. Mary Shelley

You can say the writer of Frankenstein wrote the gruesome tale from her own horrific experiences. Shelley suffered from sleep paralysis, where the mind is conscious but the body cannot move and may hear, feel or see terrifying figures.

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon had a stressful life and was an insomniac. This could explain why he only slept for 4 hours every day. He slept from 12am to 2am and then from 5am to 7am. But despite his short sleep hours, he seemed to enjoy napping because his officers claimed that Napoleon had the amazing ability to energize himself within just half an hour.

  1. Winston Churchill

Like the average workaholic today, Churchill got a substantial amount of sleep. He slept for 5-6 hours during the night and took several power naps in the day. His naps range from 1.5-2 hours for a total of 8 hours, so that’s a lot of sleep!

  1. Calvin Coolidge

Calvin slept for 8 hours a night and 2-3 more hours in the afternoon. It is said that Calvin Coolidge got more sleep in the White House than any other president.

  1. Thomas Jefferson

Another shout out to polyphasic sleepers out there, Thomas Jefferson only slept for 2 hours every day. He would dedicate 30 minutes to creative writing before trying to sleep and would regularly wake up at sunrise.

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