Shop Talk: A Sneak Peak at Nora’s App

UPDATE: Nora's iOS app is in the final stages of Beta testing and will be released soon. Once the app is publicly launched on the App Store, all Nora customers will receive an email with a link to download the app. 

After several updates that focused on manufacturing, we thought this would be a good opportunity to give you more details on Nora’s mobile app and its development.
Nora’s App
While the manufacturing ramp up has been our primary focus, we have been simultaneously refining the design and development of Nora’s iOS app. After designing the interface, we tested the app with a number of users and iterated to improve the features and interface based on their feedback. We are looking forward to hearing your impressions on the interface as well.

Nightly Statistics View
The nightly statistics screen is the screen you will most commonly use. As you see on the left screen, you will receive an overall score of how quiet your night was. The higher the number, the better! At the bottom of the screen, you will get a report on the number of hours you slept, as well as the number of times Nora activated because of your snoring. As shown in the center screen, you will be able to listen to your overnight audio recording by tapping on any section of the night (perhaps one of the peak points) and will see a detailed view right below. And finally on the right, you will be able to navigate between the nights by swiping right and left or by selecting a specific night from the calendar dropdown.
Weekly Statistics View
This screen is great for getting a sense of your weekly averages and patterns at a glance. The top graph displays how quiet each night was, and the bottom graph visualises how many times Nora activated each night. Similar to the nightly view, you can jump from one week to the next by swiping right and left, or by selecting a week from the calendar dropdown. As you see on the screen to the right, you can also see the stats of a particular night by tapping one the corresponding bar.
Settings, Export, Storage
If you are an avid mobile app user, these screens should be self explanatory. Of course there are many more screens with content about the app itself, a digital version of Nora’s user manual, help center and more. But let’s wait for you to see that with the live beta version of the app!