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The Sleep Judge Smart Nora Review
The Sleep Judge Zyppah Review
I think this could prove well worth the investment. The most important thing in our case was that the product worked.
I think Zyppah is a good fit for male snorers who need something they can use for mouth breathing. It’s also a great consideration for those who need extra tongue support to stop snoring.
Bedding Pal Smart Nora Review 
Bedding Pal Zyppah Review
When sleeping with partners who snore, the Smart Nora helps couples have good sleep and not be disturbed by any snores.
It a great solution to snorers out there as snoring is due to the blockage in the airway which is harmful for your health.

Smart Nora Review
Snorezing Zyppah Review
Many anti snoring pillows reduce your snoring by changing your sleeping position while the TSD and MAD mouthpieces do so by adjusting your tongue and jaw respectively. Nora anti snore pillow on the other hand will reduce your snoring while allowing you the freedom to sleep however you wish. You could sleep on your back, stomach or side and Nora will still work!

Would I recommend Zyppah? I definitely would. It is chic and functional, but you’ll have to bear with your tongue feeling like it’s in a straitjacket and a sore jaw until you get accustomed to the device.

Snore Mentor Smart Nora Review Snore Mentor Zyppah Review
I have no problem recommending the Smart Nora to snorers who are ready to make a change. It might have taken me awhile to see the light, but now that I have, I can safely say that I love it just as much as Oprah Winfrey does.
It offers a revolutionary design that combines two different forms of mouth manipulation at once. It’s also comfortable, convenient and easy to use.
Snoring Canada 
Smart Nora Review
Snoring Canada Zyppah Review
One of the best things about it is probably the fact that it is non-invasive. We really do like mandibular advancement devices and tongue stabilization devices… but some people are not as into these types of products because they do require you to keep something in your mouth while you sleep.
We love the fact that this is a hybrid device. We also love the fact that it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. We see it as being perhaps a little bit overpriced… but at the same time, it is also FDA cleared… so that is certainly something to take into account.
Craab Smart Nora Review Craab Zyppah Review
If anything, having this kind of device is an achievement for sleep medicine and science. This product is so advanced that it provides more effectiveness.
With its incredible features and genius design, it is no wonder how this product climbed its way to the top. This device can effectively prevent you from snoring. But, please take note that this product has some limitations.
Snoring Mouthpiece Guide 
Smart Nora Review
Snoring Mouthpiece Guide Zyppah Review
If you are interested in a high-tech, non-invasive snoring solution, I would highly recommend the Smart Nora.

The combination of a tongue strap plus mandible advancement makes this product a unique Hybrid and one worthy of trying. Taking all factors into consideration, I give this product the “okay”.

Top Snoring Mouthpieces 
Smart Nora Review
Top Snoring Mouthpieces Zyppah Review
It doesn’t require any intrusive devices in your mouth or around your nose, nor does it require adjustment of jaws, necks or sleeping position. With so many positive reviews and high-profile media exposure, combined with the risk-free trial, any snorer (or sleeping partner to a snorer) looking for a comfortable, effective solution should consider this product.

The ZYPPAH is easily one of my favorite anti-snoring products. I am confident that this device can help solve your snoring problems and get you, and those around you, an excellent night’s sleep.

Reviewopedia Smart Nora Review
Reviewopedia Zyppah Review
Smart Nora doesn’t claim to fix all snoring problems, but it can certainly help you sleep better at night if you’re suffering from snoring - or even worse, from your partner’s snoring!

While there are not many customer reviews available online at this time, there are many websites dedicated to reviewing and comparing anti-snoring devices which say that this device is generally comfortable and does reduce the sound and disturbance of snoring. 

Snoring Devices Australia Smart Nora Review
Snoring Devices Australia Zyppah Review
I definitely noticed my energy levels stretching out better throughout the day. I legitimately felt like a hundred bucks after using it!
Overall, I was pretty impressed with the product - though I will say that, for the money, there are other devices on the market that might have a little bit more evidence behind them.
Healthy Sleepy Smart Nora Review
Healthy Sleepy Zyppah Review
For this Nora Smart Snoring Solution review, we will give it a very strong 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is to say, yes, we are sold on it!

With the Zyppah mouthguard, you not only get a MAD/TSD hybrid, but you can also get it in a variety of fun colors.

PCMag Smart Nora Review PCMag Zyppah Review

If you're a deep sleeper, and don't like to maul your pillow, I think the Smart Nora might work to reduce snoring somewhat



The Gadgeteer Smart Nora Review
The Gadgeteer Zyppah Review
I can’t say that it will work for everyone, but I can tell you that it’s worked for me and (more importantly) my wife. We’re both sleeping better on a nightly basis and I haven’t been banished to the spare room for month.
Make Use Of Smart Nora Review Make Use Of Zyppah Review
Smart Nora is an innovative non-invasive anti-snoring solution, but more importantly: it worked for us. If snoring is driving a wedge in your relationship, give it a go and reclaim your sleep.
Snoring Mouth Piece Review Smart Nora Review
Snoring Mouth Piece Review Zyppah Review
As a whole, the Smart Nora Device is an effective solution among snorers aside from being an interesting piece of technology.
Erin L YYC Smart Nora Review
Erin L YYC Zyppah Review
The Smart Nora served to enhance sleep quality for both of us, and marriage quality, too; after all, happy wife, happy life!
How To Stop Snoring Smart Nora Review
How To Stop Snoring Zyppah Review
If you’re struggling to sleep or waking up a partner, it’s certainly proven to be effective for many people in your same situation.
Hack To Sleep Smart Nora Review Hack To Sleep Zyppah Review
Though there have been issues with the Smart Nora causing neck pain, this is only with a very small percentage of customers; the rest are tickled pink with their new, restful sleep patterns!
Matracos Smart Nora Review Matracos Zyppah Review
It gives you a relaxed feel and helps restore natural breathing by lowering the volume and repetition of snoring. So, why wait? get them soon and know the difference for yourselves.
The Mattress Review Smart Nora Review
The Mattress Review Zyppah Review
Now you and your partner can enjoy a good and comfortable sleep with the help of this simple and effective device.
Bravo TV Smart Nora Review Bravo TV Zyppah Review
Smart Nora is the answer to the snoring conundrum you and your partner find yourselves in. It brings you the sleep salvation you’ve been praying for in a way that is gentle and effective for all involved.
Throomers Smart Nora Review
Throomers Zyppah Review
I love simplicity and Smart Nora is designed so it’s really easy for anyone to use.
Spy Smart Nora Review Spy Zyppah Review
So, if you have been searching for a low-key design and contact-free product to reduce snoring, this device could be your secret weapon to better sleep—and your partner doesn’t even have to know it’s there.
Mens Health Smart Nora Review Mens Health Zyppah Review
Smart Nora has been a sleep saver for me and my wife.
Advanced Sleeper Smart Nora Review
Advanced Sleeper Zyppah Review
Specially designed to be 100% contact-free, Smart Nora will put all your previous failed snoring solutions to sleep – just like you.
Sleep Gadgets Smart Nora Review
Sleep Gadgets Zyppah Review
So if you or your partner is struggling with snoring, it’s well worth checking out Nora. We think it’s an interesting and innovation solution to a problem that affects lots of people.
Dandy Haus Smart Nora Review
Dandy Haus Zyppah Review
The Smart Nora Anti Snoring Solution is a reliable product that delivers on what it promises
Snoring Whiz Smart Nora Review
Snoring Whiz Zyppah Review
If you have a severe snoring problem, and your partner is fed up with it, don't think twice about going for Smart Nora.
The Snore Whisperer Smart Nora Review
The Snore Whisperer Zyppah Review
We highly recommend Smart Nora as a remedy for your snoring woes. In fact, when it comes to the best pillows for snoring, Smart Nora is head and shoulders above the rest.
Organic Daily Post Smart Nora Review
Organic Daily Post Zyppah Review
My partner woke up feeling more refreshed than he had in weeks, also suggesting that he experienced a deeper and less restless sleep as a result.
Inverse Smart Nora Review
Inverse Zyppah Review
If you’re tired of people joking about your “log cutting” or “bear growling”, it might be time to take Smart Nora home.
The Ambient Smart Nora Review
The Ambient Zyppah Review
I felt fantastic, like I’d had a really restful night’s sleep.
Sleep Sherpa Smart Nora Review
Sleep Sherpa Zyppah Review
After using the Smart Nora for a few nights I have to say that I'm actually super, super impressed. It's a really nice product.